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  1. I am trying to connect FMP to MySQL. I got the MySQL ODBC driver, setup the DSN and added the ODBC data source to FMP. When I go to the relationship page and add my tabe I get an error saying: ODBC Error: [MySQL][ODBC 5.1 Driver][mysqld-5.0.51b-community-nt-log]You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near ''myDatabase' at line 1 I can import the data from MySQL into FMP without any problems. The ODBC driver is v5.1.7 osx 10.6 x86. Is this an ODBC issue or FMP issue? I have the MySQL d
  2. Yes I am familiar with FM's find, but that presumes that I know, or can predict, the required reports, and design a screen to get the criteria, and a layout to output the report. Since the user does not have full access privileges, all this has to be coded into the application, taking into consideration all possibilities. The database has more than fifteen tables from which reports could be requested, with each having at least five fields that could be the criteria. They could also require multiple fields from different tables. With SQL this only requires a little learning of an english l
  3. levonk


    Is there any way to draw a graph with smooth curves given only a few data sets? Currently I am using google graph to plot the graph, but it just puts straight lines between the points. This is what I want to achieve:
  4. I have designed an application for a community center. I included the reports that they regularly need, but they are asking for more. Their request would be very easily done with an SQL SELECT command, but the application runs on FileMaker Server 10, and cannot be migrated to SQL at the time being. Is there any way that I could put it the flexibility of the SQL SELECT command to create the reports that they need?
  5. The table has many related child tables and the ID, which is dependent on the serial number, is the match field. The application is finished and being tested. It was one of the later requirements of the customer to be able to use the deleted IDs to keep the number from getting to high. So, to assign the number after the entry is accepted will entail a lot of work and changing most of the relationships, and a whole bunch of scripts. Thanks Bruce. Here is the script I wrote: Freeze Window Set Error Capture [ On ] Go to Layout [ “Deleted_Records” (Deleted_Records) ] Go to Re
  6. I created a script that tries to do the job, and I want to post it here so people can tell me if it will work. Do I have to retype the whole script in, or is there a way to copy/paste it? I tried copy/paste but it does not work.
  7. Thanks comment. I will look into it and see if it can be adapted to my problem. The major problem I have is that the number should be the same when it is created and after it is accepted. So, I cannot assign a number after it is revised.
  8. I do not wish to change IDs, but create ones that will fill the gaps. Marking a status will have the same effect for those who are working on the system. They will never see the ones marked rejected, so the numbers that are in use will have the gaps. This will also increase the size of the table significantly, and considering the number of chid tables, the database will be huge, and slow.
  9. Hi, I created a database that is being used in a multiuser environment. It has a table with a auto-enter serial field, and a primary key that is calculated in a script using this field. Entries to this table are made from several workstations, and later during the day, they are revised by a supervisor, and either accepted or rejected. Rejected entries are deleted. This creates holes in the serial numbers, and the primary key. I tried several methods to overcome this but have yet to find a good solution. Here is what I tried: 1. Create a temporary table and only move them when th
  10. I created a script to either exit the application or take the user to the administration page depending on layout and privileges. But the script is not working well. This is the script: If[(Get(PrivilegeSetName)="Admin") or (Get(PrivilegeSetName)="[Full Access]")] If[Get(LayoutName) ≠ "Family File (Admin)"] Go to Layout ["Family File (Admin)" (Preferences)] Exit Script[] Endif Endif Exit Application The script is set to run in full access privileges. When the user is neither Admin nor [Full Access] it evaluates the first if statement as true. I could not find
  11. My requirements are very simple. 1. No record will be edited/modified on more than one server. 2. Records from all the servers need to be gathered and put on all the servers. This can be done after hours, at night. 3. The HQ server will need all the records whenever a report is required. To pay thousands of dollars for this simple task would be an overkill.
  12. I checked SynkDek. It will do the job. But the price does not justify the need. The starter kit is 3500, and each server after that is an extra 1000. Will FMS 10 do the job?
  13. Usually the change will be in one Health Center only. Each Health Center will be responsible for the people of the area it operates in, so, the info of those people will be input/modified only in that Center. Unless someone moves or is in need of treatment in another area, each Health Center could be self sufficient. The HQ needs all the Data for reporting purposes. Health Centers may need data from other Centers only if a person registered in another center comes in. Synchronization should be done on demand to the HQ server, and two way sync after working hours.
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