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  1. I have just got onsite with the client in question and found that changing the tab shape from square to round eliminates the problem - for now, anyhow.
  2. Yes, but this didn't fix the bug. I did wonder whether it was a more general font management fault but (1) nothing else is affected and (2) I don't know enough about Windows font management to know where to start...
  3. Has anyone encountered this bug, where the tab label (but not the tab itself) is compressed (see attached screen grab). This is happening only on Windows, FMP9. The label is set to Verdana 10pt, no text style. Reinstalling FIleMaker can fix the problem, although it may reappear. It's happened with a couple of different Windows users. Any suggestions would be gratefully received. Thanks
  4. [color:red]Thanks for the advice, Steven. As I still don't know there reason why I can't do so if connecting "remotely", despite the foregoing posts, maybe someone could tell me! Is it just the possibility of inadvertently opening a hosted file directly? DRL
  5. I understand the distinction now. I have a script that opens the hosted file via the host's IP address rather than routing to its directory location (which is obviously a bad idea!), so I guess that's OK to continue doing then. Thanks
  6. I have solved the problem by deleting the FMP preferences file.
  7. The server machine and the client machine are the same in this instance. The client app is only running when I launch it (as far as I know - it does act as though it's already running somehow due to the conflict message but I don't know how that can be). Does this mean I can't run the client and server on the same machine? Do I NEED a dedicated machine to run server? Thanks again
  8. I have a solution hosted on an iMac using Server 9. When I use my Client app (on the same iMac) it runs fine, until I try to connect to my hosted solution, when it gives this message: "The maximum number of licensed users are currently using this copy of FileMaker Pro. Please refer to the License Key section of your software documentation for further instructions. License key conflict occurred with user [host name]. All files will be closed and the application will quit." Both the client and server apps have legit, different license keys. Nobody else is accessing the host. What have I done wrong? I can't find anything helpful in the "software documentation". It was working fine until a week ago. Thanks
  9. I get the same error as anothersmurf, on an xserver running 10.5.2, having installed FP server v9.03, completed the update and restarted. I done the update twice and restarted each time to no avail. I still get the same error as above. Could there be something else? Many thanks for any suggestions. Rob
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