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  1. wow please disregard my last. i think i may have gotten it. thanks for your help!!
  2. I'm starting to do option#1. However, I'm getting an ODBC error: Query was empty. I created a new Table with the same fields as the ODBC source. I created a button for the import script step. Go to Layout (NEW TABLE) Import Records [No dialog; DSN; Add;Windows ANSI]
  3. yes. is there a way to send the results to a text field in another table or a way to reference the result in a relationship?
  4. I appreciate your patience and the quick posts. Yes the calculation field is one table but is from an ODBC connection. I would like to create a relationship with another table where i manually entered IP addresses (as text) into. this table would lookup description, etc from the ODBC connected table.
  5. Thank you. I just learned the hard way regarding calcuations. Hopefully I can explain things: The calculation field was created from an external data source. Is there a way to send the calculation results (decimal number to IP address) as a text field in the same table so that i can reference the result? The only options in the layout is to create calculation or summary fields. Or is there another way?
  6. sorry one last question: i have the ip address field but it appears because it is a calculation, i am not able to setup a relationship to a separte table in order to do a lookup based on the same ip address.
  7. comment - nevermind my last entry. I was setting the field to use number instead of text. It's working now!! Thank you so much!
  8. comment - it worked! although it's missing the 3rd and 4th octet's decimal points
  9. Need help in converting numerical value to text (IP address). FM database has an ODBC connection to an external data source. IP address field in the external data source is a numercial equivalent to the decimal value calculation of an IP address.
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