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  1. Correct, when it freezes there is no other way to quit it-and it will sit for hours frozen (it doesn't time out).
  2. Ok, the problem is the following. When starting FikeMaker Pro (9.0v3) it will freeze. After performing a force quit you can launch it again, wher it will say that it cannot do Instant Web Publishing on port 80 because something else is using it. Now, when I first turn on the mac (10.5). and run netstat there is nothing on port 80, a ps also shows that httpd is not running. Upon starting FileMaker Pro 2 httpd processes appear-the first launched by launchd the second one launched by the first one. When I "Force Quit" FileMaker Pro these two processes remain. However, netstat still shows nothing listening on 80 (http). If I then launch FMP again it says something else is using port 80 (the HTTPD process, though it doesn't show with netstat) and asks to either be given a different port or ignore it. If you ignore it it launches fine and can be used locally with no problem. If you tell it to use a different port (any port) it then ends up crashing after calling httpd. If you try to kill http (kill -9 PID) it won't give you any errors but next time you do a ps there aer still two httpd processes, just different PID's. The only way to kill httpd is with apachectl. But that doesn't solve anything as FMP still either calls httpd and crashes, or doesn't and works fine (except without the web publishing thats needed). Any suggestions? (has been working fine since the upgrade to leopard and 9.0v3 a couple months ago).
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