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  1. Thx for the reply, we use MagicJack for our phones here, it has it's own program for dialing with a plugin for outlook to dial directly from outlook, this "outlook manipulator" you mentioned sounds interesting, where can i find info on that? Also, you wouldn't happen to know where i can find more info on FM's dde server functions?
  2. Here at our office we use magicjacks for phone use, it comes with a plugin so you can click on a contact in outlook and dial it, I'm looking for a way to send contact phone and maybe address info from filemaker to outlook, like an "export to outlook" button i could link to a script to that would create a vcard or the like, any suggestions?
  3. awesome, that worked like a charm, thank you for the info
  4. I'm trying to get a found set of one single record of 71000, so i started a script that assigns a variable to the serial number of the record currently being viewed, then i wanted to have the script do a find for that variable so i end up with that record in the found set, i can't figure out how to specify a find for a variable.. any suggestions?
  5. ok, i think i got it, it has to be that i have no record in a found set when i have the script bring up my new layout, I started with a blank layout, and all i need is the one record I'm looking at when i click the button to bring up that layout, the script is supposed to use the data in the single record I'm looking at and for example, fill in the name of the contact I'm viewing in the new layout.. the "report" will only be using 1 contact, and eventually create a pdf and email it. Thank you both for the help, greatly appreciated.. I suppose i could have the script perform a find for data tha
  6. if i'm viewing a record when i run the script, would n't the new layout use the data from that record? Or do i need to some how tell it to do that? Also, the preview doesn't show any text NOT in fields either, just blank, like when in layout mode, I used the text tool to add a title for the report i'm trying to do, that doesn't show either...
  7. is there any way to save the field mapping at the beginning of an import so xml files with identical field names don't have to be remapped?
  8. I am creating a layout that will eventually be exported as a pdf and emailed, I have not gotten to the difficult parts of this yet, but have designed a basic layout. The problem is that all i have put on the layout so far is some text and a date field, when i switch to preview mode to see what it will look like the page is blank. what did i miss here?
  9. Thank you both for the responses, I am very new to filemaker and the help I get in this forum is excellent, makes learning the program a whole lot less of a kick in the shin. Staggering the backups into different folders is a great idea as i have 6 co-workers entering data all day long, thanks for that Steven, great tip.
  10. I understand that filemaker server can do complete database backups and incremental backups, I can't seem to find anywhere to tell it in the scheduling backup section what type of backup i want it to do, anyone know off hand?
  11. you were right about the loop not evaluating all the records the way i had it, but when i try to add in the "else" before the exit, i get a never ending loop, this script looks different then the one i originally posted, but the if/then structure is basically the same recruit stats Go to Record/Request/Page [ First ] Loop If [ nasd_NOTE__cno::Tried ≠ "tried" ] Omit Record Else If [ nasd_NOTE__cno::TT ≠ "TT" ] Omit Record End If Go to Record/Request/Page [ Next; Exit after last ] End Loop Go to Record/Request/Page [ First ] Loop If [ nasd_NOTE__cno::initials = "KAT" and
  12. doh! i see it now, sorry about that.. it does now exit the loop, i just have to figure out why it doesn't like my dates, thanks New Script Go to Layout [ “Layout #36” (nasd_NOTE__cno) ] Set Error Capture [ On ] Perform Find [ Specified Find Requests: Find Records; Criteria: nasd_NOTE__cno::Tried: “Tried” ] [ Restore ] Go to Record/Request/Page [ First ] Loop If [ nasd_NOTE__cno::ndate < nasd_NOTE__cno::st_date ] Omit Record Else If [ nasd_NOTE__cno::ndate > nasd_NOTE__cno::en_date ] Omit Record Else If [ nasd_NOTE__cno::initials ≠ nasd_NOTE__cno::rpt_initials ] Omit
  13. that makes sense, thank you for the feedback.. so i edited my script as you described, i think i need different criteria for the loop to end though, since it finds 11000 matches, it just continues on..i think it may be ignoring my date range also.. would turning error capture on make it report script errors to me? maybe help me diagnose whats not working? New Script Go to Layout [ “Layout #36” (nasd_NOTE__cno) ] Perform Find [ Specified Find Requests: Find Records; Criteria: nasd_NOTE__cno::Tried: “Tried” ] [ Restore ] Loop If [ nasd_NOTE__cno::ndate < nasd_NOTE__cno::st_da
  14. ok.. trying again.. using this script below New Script Go to Layout [ “Layout #36” (nasd_NOTE__cno) ] Perform Find [ Specified Find Requests: Find Records; Criteria: nasd_NOTE__cno::Tried: “Tried” ] [ Restore ] Loop If [ nasd_NOTE__cno::ndate < nasd_NOTE__cno::st_date ] Omit Record End If If [ nasd_NOTE__cno::en_date > nasd_NOTE__cno::ndate ] Omit Record End If End Loop what i want this to do is find all records with the "tried" field filled in, but i want it to only add the ones in the date range to the found set, it ignores both if lines and stays in the
  15. thx for the welcome and the quick reply, I'll do some more reading. Is there a way to "copy" a script and paste it in a post so i can show you what i'm trying?
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