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  1. Problem solved, with a path like /Volumes/MacDisk/Library/test.jpg everything is fine
  2. I made a mistake here, it doesnt work with the full version either. SMLastError is "javax.imageio.IIOException: can't read input file" with $Path reading like "MacDisk:library:test.jpg". I guess I have to transforme the path first?
  3. Hi Brent I try to produce the report on the mac tomorrow. The function I use is this, I found it somewhere in the forums: RegisterGroovy( "ImageThumbFromURL( url ; maxpixels )" ; "import javax.imageio.ImageIO¶ import java.awt.image.BufferedImage¶ import java.awt.geom.AffineTransform¶ import java.awt.image.AffineTransformOp¶ ¶ BufferedImage img¶ ¶ if (url.indexOf("://") != -1) {¶ img = ImageIO.read(new URL(url))¶ } else {¶ img = ImageIO.read(new File(url))¶ }¶ ¶ Integer maxWH = img.getWidth()¶ if (img.getHeight() > maxWH){¶ maxWH = img.getHeight()¶ }
  4. Hi forum I'm using this function to generate a thumbnail: ImageThumbFromURL( Substitute( $Pfad ; "\\"; "\\\\"); 140 ) This works perfectly well no matter whether $Pfad is a URL or a local path in Windows runtimes, in Filemaker Advanced on Windows an on Mac 10.6 and 10.7 The same code executed in a runtime on Mac generates nothing but the text "ERROR" in the thumbnail field. The plugin ist loaded and visible in the list of plugins. Any ideas?
  5. Steven, what we do is this: we have a server hosting a MySQL database. Here we store informations about our clients, how many licences they purchased etc. We use the SmartPill PHP-Plugin to communicate with this database. Upon first starting our programme the user has to enter a unique key. This key is also stored in the SQL database. The client will send the installation together with the list of NICs in his system to the SQL server were we check whether his system has already been activated or not. If not the number of available licences is reduced and the system activated or the custom
  6. Man you made my day! So it's much easier than we thought, I can end this day of work in time, my wife will be happy and who knows what happens next I think it will come down to something like ValueCount( FilterValues( $StoredNIC , $CurrentNIC)) > 0 and ValueCount( FilterValues( $StoredNIC , $CurrentNIC)) >= ValueCount($CurrentNIC)-1 That would allow for the one adress of the stick to be missing but not for the stick being used in a totally different system.
  7. Thanks for the input, but doesn't the NIC depend on the network connection used? As I understood this so far the NIC is not a property of the system but of th network adapter, so that a computer will return a different NIC when connected via WLAN, LAN or whatever.
  8. Hi forum, we would like to protect a runtime we are developing by requesting activation through a webserver we own. Our problem is to determine some unique value for each computer. On windows we can use the volume-id of te harddisk that we get from the troi file plugin, but on mac? We are using the usual troi plugins (dialog, file, text), scodigo's php plugin and some others, but can't find a solution. Anyone out there with a good idea?
  9. Having set up a FileMaker database as ODBC datasource I can access the database via the "Execute SQL" script step. Thus it is possible not only to work with the content of fields, but to manipulate tables directly. Where sys_LanguageVars is a table that can be accessed this way, Execute SQL = ALTER TABLE sys_LanguageVars ADD MyExample VARCHAR will create a field of type text with the name MyExample in the table sys_LanguageVars. This works like a charm, but: is it possible to set the option "globale storage" this way as well?
  10. Hi forum, I am developing a solution called Litlink used to work with bibliographical data on a rather complex level. What I'm trying to achieve is this: the user has defined authors and books and generated so-called "cards" containing quotations and commentary. He has combined a set of those cards into a project and defined the sort order. Now I want to create a word document that contains the quotations as a paragraph of the style "Quotation", the commentary as a paragraph with the Style "Standard" and the calculated bibliographical reference as a footnote linked to the quotation. I
  11. I promissed to keep you posted on any progress we make regarding Windows Server 2008. While the computer we talked about above still refuses to start the engine, our own server runs smoothly since many weeks now. The problem that FM server starts on restart but fails to start the database engine has been solved now: after installing Windows Server 8 the TCP/IP connection shows both an entry for IPv4 and IPv6. After we removed the entry for IPv6 everything is fine now. The only problem that remains is that the server does not accept any connections via php/xml.
  12. I'm afraid I can't help you with that situation. When I restart out server I have to open the FileMaker Server Admin Console and click on "Start database server". From that point everything runs as expected.
  13. To give you an update on our tests: the server runs smoothly once its running, but it does not start automatically when the system is rebooted. Each time you boot the system you have to call up the server console and start the database server manually.
  14. We have started testing FM Server 9 with Windows Server 2008 standard two days ago. What we can say so far is: the programme installs without problem, once the FM Server is running operation seems to be smooth and without problems. We do have some issues with the automated startup of the FM Server though. Sometimes the service is running but FM Server does not open the files it should open and the control panel fails to connect to the server. This seems to be connected to a situation where the server restarts after changes in the server profile and completes some configuration changes after
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