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  1. Hi Comment ... I gave the second suggestion a try and it's perfect. The first suggestion simplifies what I've been seeing from other sources - it will be a good exercise for me to learn syntax. As always, THANK YOU! :laugh2:
  2. How do I compute a child's age in months? I have two DATE fields to compute the age from, child_dob and school_date both are 4-digit dates. I am not sure if I should use a Calculation field or scripting logic. Thanks in advance for advice.
  3. Thank you, ts_turtle for the answer. The refresh button on the database screen fixed the issue. http://forum-en.filemaker.com/fm/board/message?board.id=us-fms&thread.id=655
  4. I give up. File is on the server, with FMAPP extended privs enabled, and FileMaker network sharing enabled. Server Pro 9 Admin Console sees the file, allows me to access it via a remote desktop, allows me to export and import to it. It just DOES NOT light up the protocols like the other databases in the Administration: Databases list. I guess I'm going to have to use it and pray it doesn't bite us in the butt later. This will be a prayer wasted - these things always bite us later after the data has been carefully entered.
  5. :bang: OK, I put the file back on to the server, opened it (normally), closed it (normally) and then ported the copy back to the Local machine. NO CHANGE in behavior. Did this to explore whether or not it may have thought the original was still OPEN when the backup I made it from was originally created. Guess that wasn't the answer.
  6. I looked at the FILE | SHARING options for the file. File sharing is NOT turned on for the file for anything (FM Network, ODBC/JDBC, IWP). If I turn FM sharing on, the LOCAL PC's name shows as a HOST (as it has since this started). It now also displays the file name in the Available Files pane (originally the Local PC name showed as long as the file was open, but the file name itself did not display). With FM sharing turned off, the HOST pane still displays the local machine's (as did originally) name, and the File name disappears from the Available Files List (again, the origin
  7. Hi again, Steven: I was able to clone that file once I put it on my local machine. I notice, though, that if the copied DB or the clone of it are open, my 'Open Remote File' dialog shows the local machine in the remote host list. The normal remote host can be selected and will display the files it has in the Available Files pane. The local machine will not display its in that pane if I select it. Should I be seeing this? Will it be an issue of any sort 'down the road' should I move the new clone to a different machine (the plan), or try to export records from it (this also
  8. So I discovered this morning after kicking the users off. I'm making a copy of yesterday's backup and will try the operation against that locally. (I was hoping to avoid all the overhead associated with that). Thank you for the feedback.
  9. I found my answer - The option becomes available when I am the only one on the DB. I opened a backup copy and the option is available.
  10. I am attempting to clone a DB using File | Save Copy As menu. The selection is grayed out, even though I am [Full Access] account. Do I have to have all other users off the system before it will enable? If I look at a backup copy with same permissions, the menu selection is available. Thanks.
  11. I unfortunately did not write the system - I inherited it from 2 others who didn't know how to spell 'documentation', much less write any. When I fat-fingered it today, I was trying to document what hooked where -). How ironic. I ended up getting the last guy who wrote stuff involved again (sizable consulting $$$) to patch it back together. [color:blue]He's not even sure he'll be able to reconnect everything. Is FileMaker supposed to be this difficult? Not much scares me about managing the system EXCEPT this giant hole in my ability to see the internals of the critter and fix it's hea
  12. Is there a 'utility' that I can use to compare yesterday's data and todays? I would like to do that to identify records that were entered or changed between yesterday's backup and the time of my error. That will make it easier for me to re-import. Thanks.
  13. HELP I accidentally deleted some relationships in my Relationships Graph. I manually added the table instances and redid the relationships. But I still can't see my data that was in the system before, nor can I use some of the scripts to access functions. DI I have to restore to a point in time before I made the deletion, or is there another way to fix what I broke? (I started looking through the data after I posted - I can see older data, just not new entries). For example, I click a button that launches an 'add note record' script. I enter the note, and then go back to
  14. I added a 'days elapsed' calculation and it appeared my transition speed between records (using a script that employs NextRecord, PrevRecord, etc ...) suffered about a 50% increase. I removed the calc and things are 'normal' again. Is this to be expected with Calc fields? This one is nothing fancy - just one date subtracted from another. The data is not stored, as the dates are in two seperate tables. Might the slowdown be attributed to the data in different tables? Thanks in advance - just hoping to see what others have experienced to gage what goes on over here. Sin
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