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  1. Thanks for the response! It doesn't quite do what I want it to do though. It is putting in the date if I add a note to the Notes field. But if there is text already in the Notes field it still displays the current date, which isn't the date the field was last edited.
  2. I'm currently using FM 9 and I'm trying to figure out a way to capture the date that a notes field was last modified. We may be getting FM 11 in a few weeks, so for now I wanted to do this without using a script. I thought maybe I could do it with a calculation function but I can't find one that looks like it can capture what I'm looking to capture. My database is already set up to capture the last record modification date. I want to capture the last date that one field was modified. Does anyone know of a way this can be done with FM 9?
  3. I'm kind of new at creating portals so bear with me please. I am setting up a database that has four main tables; Client, Contacts, Projects, Communications. The main layout is a view of the Client information with three portals showing all of the contacts related to that client, all of the projects related to that client and all of the communications related to that client. The portals are working fine on this layout. I also have layouts where individual contacts are entered (showing which client they are related to), individual projects are entered (showing which client they are
  4. Thanks for the quick response! I got it working now. You were extremely helpful. Thanks again!
  5. I have a script that runs when a user logs into a database that searches for records that have been "checked out" for more than days. The check out feature simply adds the date the record was checked out to a field and turns a selects "Yes" of a Yes/No radio button. The problem is that I can't seem to get the search criteria right to find dates that are 90 days before the current date. I have entered the calculation as Get ( CurrentDate ) > -90 but it's not finding the correct records. Can anybody tell me what I'm doing wrong? I would appreciate any comments. Thanks!
  6. I have tried many ways of setting up a report to display the information that I need for 1099 reporting and nothing seems to work. My client doesn't need to create 1099 forms from the database, they just want to be able to print a report that will display the total honorarium paid to each doctor. There is something that I'm just not getting in setting up the report. I found an example of a database posted by Kevin Frank for someone else that gives an example of displaying student donations that kind of fits what I'm trying to do. However, when I tried to set up my database to something
  7. OK, I'm getting closer. I now have a report that shows the doctor's name only once. But I'm still having a problem displaying the total honorarium amount because my summary field is totalling all of the honorarium amounts no matter what year they were paid in. The table with the interviews contains individual records for each interview, each with an honorarium amount and the year. Since the table contains records for several different years, it's adding them all together. I need to be able to list the total for each year or be able to do a search for a particular year and show
  8. Thanks for the response. I am not having a problem displaying a list of doctors that were paid an honorarium during the year. The problem is that some doctors were paid more than one honorarium during the year and I need to display a total for each doctor for that year. Basically I now have two problems -- the first problem is that I haven't figured out how to display a doctor's name only once if they were paid more than one honorarium. The second problem is that I'm not sure how to display the total honorarium for each doctor no matter how many times they were paid. I tried creatin
  9. I'm relatively new to FileMaker, but I have created a rather complex database for a client that holds information about doctors that they have interviewed in one table. Another related table holds individual records for each interview that was conducted which includes the date and the honorarium amount paid to that doctor. The client wants to be able to click a button, enter the year and have the database search for interviews done during that year and, along with the doctor's contact information, show the total of honorarium payments made to that doctor. I tried a relatively simple
  10. Thanks, mikewson! I took your suggestion and added a test to see if the user was in find mode and if they were, displayed a custom dialog telling them to finish their search or cancel it and then click the new record button again. It seemed like the simplest approach to use.
  11. I have a database that users use to keep track of contacts. Users Frequently go into Find mode and forget they are in there, then click the New Record button to create a new contact record. I have a script that runs when they click the New Record button that first requests an email address for a new contact record and won't let them continue until they enter it. If they are in find mode and this script starts to run, it won't allow them to save the information they enter because they are still in Find mode. Is there a way to check to see if they are in Find mode and exit out of it before c
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