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  1. Hi Everyone! I have to calculate the number of times a person has attended since a specific date. The date since is a field "Last Test Date" and attendance field is "A_DATE" how would i make it do this calculation? Thanks in advanced!
  2. yes it would be a fixed number of two letters and 4 numbers at the end. It is a scanned barcode number. I need it to go to the next field after the code is input into a field. Any ideas? Thanks Much
  3. Is it possible to input data into a field and have Filemaker automatic return or tab to next field?
  4. I am using a bar code scanner to enter number into Account field. I need a conditional script to enter the date into field "Adate" after the bar code scanner enters the acconunt number into the "Account" field and t6hen create a then create a new record. The new record has to be there so the bar code scanner has a new field to input into. The only way I can think of to do this is a conditional script. I keep having issues with any script I write. Any Ideas? Thabks a milllon!
  5. Hello! I am trying to use a bar code scanner to read and import data into a datasbase. I have no idea where to start. Can someone please give me an idea where/how to start to get data imported into a feild? Thanks Kris
  6. Hello! I need to find out how many times someone attended in a month and year. something like: IF(Month(ADate="4");Count(Adate) It counts Adate, but all of them. How do I get only the month of april? Thanks in advanced!
  7. Hello Everyone. I am trying to get a count on how many entry dates are in september of 2010. i am using the following calculation If(Month ( attendence::A_DATE )="9" and Year ( attendence::A_DATE )="2010";Count (attendence::A_DATE);"") And I get the count of all the entry dates. How do I get it to only count the September dates? Thanks!!
  8. Thank you soo much!! You just got ride of my headache!!!
  9. This is great Thanks! Now can I make it be exactly that match? Like if i ask for "kenh" can I get only "kenh" and not "ken" And also if it does not find any match to just beep or give a caanot find match message? Thanks for your help!
  10. I need to write a script that copies to fields from one layout (fields... User and Password) and then go to layout(student) Enter layout mode Paste two fields perform find Can some one tell me how to do this with two fields to find? Thank you!
  11. Thanks for your help guys.... I have it as a calculation and set as a text field. Also, unstored. It doesn't give me the correct numer of days it gives me... -20:02:32.
  12. I am trying to get the number of days since a person has checked in... Get(CurrentDate) - Month(A_Date);Day(A_Date);Year(A_Date) Get(CurrentDate)-A_Date I have tried everything that i can think of. thanks for your help
  13. Thank you for your help.... I'm having troubles!! I need to have my front page be a sign in page. I was thinking that it could be a simple "find" that i could put in a name and have it find that persons record and switch to a layout named "student" i don't want to have to set up individule privileges. I will have hundreds or thousands of people doing this... I also have no need for very secure design.. Can i do this? I don't know if i can attach my file or not, but would be willing to. I am a beginner at filemaker and i am just having a hard time wrapping my brain
  14. Thanks for your help... What I really want is to compare two fields.. If (Field A = Field goto layout "student" Else Goto layout "orgin" end I don't get how to compare the two fields and then goto layout of that certain record... Maybe right in front of me and I cant get it to work!!!
  15. Hello! Is it possible to use a find to get a record and then show that record on a new layout? I am sure this is a dumb question with a simple answer, but I can't get it!! Thanks Everyone!!
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