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  1. On behalf of m'colleague Dudematters I can tell you we figured this out, the location of the web server for Mac OSX server is http: slash slash some.ip.adress/Filemaker/timer.html. So that should be the URL for the webviewer. In conjunction with a server side script that sets the images every minute this works satisfactorily. Pizza, anyone?
  2. possibly everything has been said about the OPs problem three times over, nevertheless he still hasn't got it solved (or he wouldnot be coming back). whether it's technically interesting or not makes no difference. It's about making clear that the chosen approach is not right and there are better ways available. Ya well maybe had I known about the other threads my view on the matter would be different and I wouldn't even have bothered about posting. As it happens, I dove in fresh and look where I landed. I'm in need of an exit loop if [ ] here :violin:
  3. you may be right about the confusion. perhaps it's best to wait and see if dervaish wants to pursue the matter.
  4. so.... where to proceed from here? the irritation is reasonable but the problem at hand is not solved and reasonable too. is it possible for a moderator to rake everything with bearing on the matter into one thread and see where it leads us (with the solemn promise by Dervaish to stick to it) (and post a sample)?
  5. uh well reading the other posts it certainly seems related to me. I think it would be more effective if you kept everything in one thread so people can understand the context of what is asked. At first glance you seem to have two problems: one is you are trying to have your cake and eat it: you want to script control navigation and still allow status area access for users. This is a contradictory strategy. You need to make a choice for either. The second problem, but I admit this is hunch only, is that your current question, keeping focus on a field, is a symptom of bad UI design.
  6. Try this: Let ([ list = Substitute ( path ; "/" ; ¶ ) ; values = ValueCount ( list ) ]; GetValue ( list ; values - 1 ) )
  7. I'm not sure I fully understand. If there is only one user enterable field for a record on that layout, why not point to that field directly in the calculations? (assuming you are now using get ( activefieldcontents ) in the calcs ) I don't think it makes any difference that you are in list view. If the user clicks outside the field, the field is committed and the calcs trigger. can you tell more about the purpose of this (and the calcs)
  8. will that word be always the last folder in the path (before the filename)?
  9. It would appear that it is indeed an OS related problem fixed by 10.5.3. See knowledge base .
  10. perhaps it is better to first put the computer to sleep and then disconnect the monitor.
  11. yes. assuming you want to create related records such as line items to a parent record, something like set variable [ $total ; table::number ] set variable [ $parent ; table::ParentID ] go to layout [ child ] loop new record / request set field [ child::fkParentID ; $parent ] commit records / requests [ no dialog, skip validation ] set variable [ $total ; $total - 1 ] exit loop if [ $total < 1 ] end loop go to layout [ original ] commit records / requests [ no dialog, skip validation ]
  12. I'd be wary of corruption in this case - even though I'm wondering a bit about the issue being apparent only using v9 and I can't say from personal experience if this behaviour is consistent with file damage. Nevertheless, if there is file corruption you should deal with it. - backup the suspected damaged file - recover the file - Create an empty clone of a known-good backup - import the restored records in the clone Here's an extended description of the recovery procedure (it differs from the above): knowledge base
  13. hard to say... I have not seen this behaviour. Do you have one machine with v9/leopard or multiple? If one, I'd suggest doing a reinstall of filemaker (and perhaps of the system). If multiple machines,... the file could be corrupt. Create a simple test file and see if the problem persists. Sorry I can't be of more help.
  14. I think you can just compute this by dividing the total miles travelled by the number of issues. Depending on your structure, this could be done using the average () function If you have a line items file for issuesm then: Average ( Issues::OdometerPosition)
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