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  1. Thank you so much for getting back to me! I thought FM might have some trouble with this...I have been working with FM for a couple of years, and this is the first request I have gotten that I had absolutely no clue on how to begin to make it work. As for the usefulness of this report...well, I hope my boss understands that answer better than I do We currently have about 18 customers to report on, which is manageable in this format, but we could go up to 200 or more which will totally break this report (if I can even pull it off in the first place, that is). I have already writte
  2. Hi Forum I have a tricky problem I just can't find a good solution for: I have an ordering database like so: Inventory_Items (things we sell) Sales_Orders (customer orders) Ordered_Items (things sold in orders) My boss has asked for a report that shows, for a supplied date, the items we sold summarized by name and listed vertically, and the number of each item we sold by customer listed horizontally. The customer list should be able to expand dynamically. The final result needs to be exported to Excel. Other than hard-coding summary fields by customer, I have no id
  3. Thanks for getting back to me so quickly! I ran across fmDataGuard when researching this issue and was wondering if it would solve the problem. My initial reaction was that we shouldn't have to pay extra to ensure that our database won't get corrupted through normal wear and tear (i.e., it won't handle client interruptions gracefully out of the box). As it stands, they are waiting on my recommendation. Does anyone have any experience with this product? Is it recommended?
  4. Does anyone know of a way to implement rollback/commit type transactions in FileMaker with a client script? Any 3rd party plug-ins or anything? I have a complicated script that touches 3 tables and takes a "while" (several minutes) to run, but gets run many times a night. The problem is, if one of the Client machine's Internet connection goes down, or if one of the client machines crashes while running the code, only part of the process is completed, leaving the data in a mess that takes hours to identify and fix. It won't rollback on its own it seems. A perfect (in my mind) solutio
  5. Thanks so much everybody. I wound up using a simpler version of Bob Weaver's Audit, hard-coded for now to the fields I am interested in. Works like a charm!!!
  6. Greets forum...need some help!!! I am looking for a way to tell what fields have changed when a record is saved. I am interested in knowing when a value is changed in a specific field so I can report on it. For example, in the Inventory table I need to know if the Price has changed (when and by whom) but not if the quantity on hand has changed. I have done some experimenting with 'Validate by Calculation' to try to set a flag in another column but it doesn't seem to be working, at least not working the ways I have tried. Any and all suggestions would be appreciated!!!
  7. Thanks a lot - that works great. My code is cleaner, order creation is much faster and I can keep users updated with a "Creating Record x Out Of y" message while it loads. You rock.
  8. Thanks. Going to try the portal thing and will let you know how it works for me. It sounds like exactly what I need. The form I created is minimal, it only contains the 3 fields I am populating. And, yes, I am flipping between layouts (from Inventory to Orders_Inventory) to create each row with Inventory data. Seems like I'm missing another good trick...care to educate me further?
  9. OK, tried a couple of things you suggested, and didn't see any real results. I removed all but 4 indexes on the child table and created a form to handle the record adds, but things still run slow. How can I create a new row in the portal? I think that is worth looking into. Thanks for all the help so far!!!
  10. Thank you for getting back to me. I don't think the server is the bottleneck...I am not the administrator, but I have been in contact with him many times and he is on it. It's a nice, fast box dedicated to File Maker. I am interested in your other point, though...and I am creating records in a list view. I thought that was the only way to go since the line items records are all displayed in a portal on the main form. How can I create new rows in the main Form portal?
  11. Hey folks, I have created an application that allows stores to login and select quantities of products to order each day. It works great, but it is very slow to create a new order, as it has to create hundreds of portal rows listing products for order each time. I have a table for Orders, a table for Inventory and a table for Orders_Inventory which handles the details of each order. To create the list of products for order, I enumerate the items in the inventory and create a new row in the Orders_Inventory table with the PK of the new Order. Inventory details are added using l
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