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  1. See, webko, this is why working in groups is the best way to go. Your simple suggestion lead me to the answer. Here's what is happening. Because my users currently use IWP for some of their work, I can't guarantee that they're going to purposefully close their connection to the database cleanly. Sometimes computers crash. This means that if a record has a flag set, then nobody else will be able to get into that record if they crash. Luckily, it seems that filemaker calls the On File Close scripts on databases when it realizes a user is no longer connected. I have an On File Close sc
  2. Edit your layout and select each tab in the control. In the Inspector, give each tab a unique name. Then, in your script, use the Go To Object step to send them back to the first tab if they don't have access to the tab they clicked on.
  3. This one's got me stumped. In my database, I have a text field that I use as a flag. When a user requests the record (currently done via IWP), their name is set into the field to prevent other users from entering the same record at the same time. This has been working well for the last couple years. However, now I am trying to do the same thing via CWP. Here is a snippet of the code I'm using. Please note that this page is called via AJAX, so I can't get feedback about things by just using echo. As such, I wrote and included a little WriteToLog page that can spit out any text I
  4. Hello, everyone. So, recently I've been doing a fair bit of work on some custom web publishing for my company. Now I've gotten to the point where I no longer want to use my default test account that automatically logs in (hard coded username and password in my PHP files (no, this is not live yet)). I would like to start working on a login page, but I'm not sure where to start with my solution. Here's the problem. My CWP often uses AJAX to perform the calls to FM Server. As such, the PHP file that actually connects to the server is never located on the client devices. I need the
  5. So, I've been doing some metrics of Filemaker's abilities, and I have some questions. Here's what I did: I created a database with over 800,000 records. The database itself has only 2 fields: Price and Price_Summary. Price is a number field with that was populated with a random number between 1 and 100 to 2 decimal places. The field is not indexed. Price_Summary is a Summary(Total) of Price. Record Count: 837,000 File Size: <14 MB File was not accessed by more than 1 person (me) at a time. Next, I allowed Price_Summary to calculate while the database was open
  6. Hmm, so my options are basically either a layout in the item database or relationship(s) in the customer database. I'm somewhat sad that this isn't something that is easily done in portals, but I'll work with what I've got. Thanks!
  7. Consider my 3 tables: Customers, Line Items (that is, lines of invoices), and Items When in the Item database, it is very easy to show all the invoices on which that item has appeared in a given timeframe, via a portal on the item layout: Item::ID = Line Items::ID_Item and Item::gDateRangeStart <= Line Items::ShippingDate and Item::gDateRangeEnd >= Line Items::ShippingDate Next, my Line Items are related to the customer that bought it. Line Items::ID_Customer = Customers::ID Then, I conditionally format the customer name to only appear once within the portal r
  8. Hi, everyone, Today, I was looking over our FileMaker logs and I noticed the wpc_access_log. I was about to open it when I realized that it is over 1GB! My initial thought was to create a new text file with the same name, then rename the old one so I could go over it on my own time, but when I did this, permissions became an issue and I had to revert it. I was wondering what I can do with this file. I the log size limit enabled on the server and set to 40 MB, but perhaps that doesn't affect wpc_access_log? I would prefer to open it on my own machine and leave a blank text file
  9. Soren: Close, but not really. What I'm interested in is passing the field reference to a custom function rather than a script. comment: Thanks. I figured as much, and what you suggested is what I've been using. I was just wondering if there's an easier way. Hopefully this will be added in a later version of FM! Also, I believe that GetField( myField ) doesn't convert it to a reference, but rather gets the contents of myField.
  10. This is something I've been wondering about for a while. It's obvious that there's a difference between how some FM functions work compared to others. For example, when you say ABS( some::field ), it returns the absolute value of the value of that field. However, when you use GetFieldName( some::field ), it doesn't use the value of the field, but rather the properties of the field itself. This is fantastically useful. So is there any way that I can make a custom function that acts like GetFieldName? Let's say I want to write a simple function that extracts the database name of a
  11. I am also unclear as to what you meant by "fmsadmin server". This is not a process. Are you referring to the FileMaker Server Admin Console application itself? Regardless, I was able to correct the issue this time by selecting the Server Menu > Save Schedules and Groups (to my desktop), then Server Menu > Load Schedules and Groups, which replaced all my schedules with fresh ones, which are now working as intended.
  12. I have a number of scheduled scripts on my server. Two of them say (right now) that they are "Running" even though they are not (there is no client for the schedule in the clients list). One schedule has a time limit of 10 minutes and has been "running" for about 20 minutes. The other schedule has at time limit of 20 minutes and has been "running" since August 30th. Because the server thinks they are running, it is unable to actually get them to run, thus the data they are meant to update is not being updated. Can anyone help me stop these scripts without bringing down the
  13. We have a number of users here that use IWP on handheld scanners while working. Occasionally, a scanner battery will run out or the scanner will, for whatever reason, shut off or crash. The user will then go plug in the handheld and grab another scanner to continue working. The problem is that the scanners will crash so suddenly that there is no message to the server to disconnect them. When they return to their last record to continue work, the record is locked by them (from the crashed scanner). In order to fix this, they currently need to come to me so that I can manually disconnec
  14. I suppose I have done enough sub-summaries that require a break field that I somehow came to the conclusion that I had to specify a break field for this report to work. You're right. By disabling the running total, the result I needed arises. Thank you.
  15. If you're using a table view, go into layout mode and go to the layout setup. Click the Views tab, then next to Table View, click Properties. Make sure the Include header part and/or Include footer part are checked.
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