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  1. hi lee sorry i want ask again i want to print my list but i just want if i click my icon print then print with number 1 until 5 (automatic) how todo that?.... best regard Dedy database patients.fmp12.zip
  2. dear Brian, yes it's work thanks you for your help me to learning filemaker. Know I can create database for my video.
  3. dear All, I want to ask some question. How do the same name and with difference eyes show in the portal. Untitled.fmp12.zip best regards Dedy
  4. thank you can you help me about my database, because I don't understand about programing. I Video Editor. Thanks you for your support me regards Dedy videodatabase-kbj.fmp12.zip
  5. hello, I'm Dedy from Indonesia, Jakarta I using FM pro11 for Video ID datebase. First I have 9 Tables and many fields how to set if i want to seaching the Video ID in many tables?.... and i want to seaching or find start date to end date. thanks regards dedy
  6. Hi, I am having a problem with my calculation of expiry date. I wanted to do base on date of expired date for 5 years and then calculate the expiry date for 5 years and 2 years. How do I do it ? Thanks Dedy I have database in filemaker link the file https://www.dropbox.com/s/ont1i7z02z2qw5a/Untitled.fmp12
  7. how to make the number consecutively . this my example why the number not consecutively?... i want the number consecutively. yes I done with the auto number but it's not consecutively
  8. hey I use FM9 but I can't calculate the number... why always like 1,10,11,12,....100,101,.....1000,1001 why can't consecutive number like 1,2,3,4,5,6,........99999?....
  9. Hello, I'm D3D1 from Indonesia I using FM9 but I have problem in my ID number at list can't see ID 6700 but I can see ID 6999?.... why it's something wrong?.... /Users/Dedy/Documents/sample.tiff regard D3D1
  10. :) hey I runningFM9 in MAC and I install to my PC windows XP then I network with the remote FM9 but why I can't see my video in my PC?:?........... I mac yes I use mp4. because in MAC FM9 i can see my video in mp4 yhen i sharing in the mac to the pc then i open in the pc with remote FM9, then i can't see my video. can any one help me, thanks regards d3d1
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