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  1. i just refuse to believe what i just witnessed... i loaded some of the data that needs to be summed up by this summary layout - about 85000 records. over a local LAN to sort these records (file served using fms 9) it took about 15 min to get the preview layout. 15 freakin minutes!!! totally unacceptable. this is live data with hundreds if not thousands of records added every day!!! and i spent so much time on this filemaker set up. what am i doing wrong?!
  2. me too: [Fri Aug 29 23:16:58 2008] [error] [client] File does not exist: /usr/local/apache2/htdocs/fmi-test/test.xml [Fri Aug 29 23:17:03 2008] [error] [client] File does not exist: /usr/local/apache2/htdocs/fmi-test/test.xml there is no test.xml anywhere on this machine... the contents of the fmi-test are: d---rwxrwx 3 fmserver fmsadmin 102 Aug 25 22:13 css drwxrwxrwx 10 fmserver fmsadmin 340 Aug 25 22:13 images drwxrwxrwx 8 fmserver fmsadmin 272 Aug 25 22:13 localizations -r--r--r-- 1 fmserver fmsadmin 6931 Jul 11 2
  3. it help a lot. i didn't realize that the summary parts have to have summery fields..... thank you.
  4. thank you... i just came back to this.... i'll test your script. will report.
  5. ok.. i did tried many times the layout/previews summaries... i just really would like a very simple report like follows.. a table: moo 3 0 moo 2 0 moo 1 0 moo 0 7 moo 0 2 foo 1 0 foo 0 7 foo 0 2 i want to get as a summary: moo 6 9 3 2 foo 1 9 1 2 where 6 and 9 are sums of all the values for moo in the second field of the table above (same for foo) and 3 and 2 is how man records are not zero... very, very simple... yet not w
  6. right. correct. thanks. thing is i'm doing my own conversion of fixed width to tab files. i mean i can go back and do a regex clean but is there any way in filemaker to tell it to ignore trailing white space in comparisons? thanks....
  7. hi all.. i have a calculation field moo like: moo = Case ( f7 = "Miscellaneous Deposit" ; f8) and it does nothing. there are a lot of records that have "Miscellaneous Deposit" in f7. i tried the if statement too. same result. nothing shows up in moo... why? thanks...
  8. hi all... i have a field that has positive and negative dollar amounts in it. i was wondering if its possible to do a sum on only the positive ones and then only the negative ones. separately.... is it possible? thanks...
  9. i saw that. importing manually. i don't see that option when creating a script and using the Import records command under Records....
  10. one big, huge drawback... unless i'm doing something wrong.... i did create the local ID number field with the Auto-enter serial but no serials are generated at the time of importing the data. and i tried both options - on creation and on commit... tried it a few times and also deleted all the records and importing them again... no serial numbers are generated ?!?! bit if i do new record then it does create a serial.... awesome.
  11. i see.. nice. i'll try it adding the Auto-enter Serial thing... good to know.... thanks....
  12. weird... i just rename the "dedupped" field and then changed it in the script and now it works... go figure...
  13. aha... the first one is done on all empty records. to get rid of those... the 'deduping' is very simple. i added 2 fields to the file. one of them is just a number field the other one is a global. so basically what happens is sorting the records by the field that needs deduping and then run a loop that sets the global field to the 'dedupped' field and goes down the records. if it finds that the next 'dedupped' field matched the global field than it marks the record. in this case with 1. so after that's done it just does a find on all the records marked with 1. that's it. simple. no rela
  14. hi all... i have a little script that imports some data in a filemaker file and then starts cleaning it. the first thing it does it looks for empty records and gets rid of those. that works fine. the second thing it does is looking for duplicates. by marking all duplicate records with 1. then when i want to do a find on all the records marked with 1 the script stops with 101 error which states: "Record is missing". awesome. which record are we talking about? i can see that there are a bunch of records marked with 1. i also put Sett Error Capture [on] in the beginning of the script but t
  15. ok. but i haven't triggered it in any way...
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