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  1. Thanks for the reply, mr_vodka. I haven't attempted to move the files yet to the PC server. I just figured I'd ask to prepare prior to attempting it. I've never set up Filemaker server before. I wasn't sure if there's a default path that the databases need to be stored, or if I can place then anywhere and point Filemaker server to the appropriate path.
  2. Hey there. We have a Mac OSX server hosting Filemaker 8 with several databases. We'd like to move Filemaker 8 onto our PC server. After I install Filemaker 8 on the PC server, what should I do? I know where the Filemaker databases are stored on the Mac server, so I imagine I just copy them to the PC server. However, I'm not sure how to point our Filemaker clients to the database directory automatically. Normally when a user opens Filemaker, we choose Open > Remote and it pulls up a list of the databases. Any thoughts?
  3. Thank you much for your help! That answers my question. I have another one for ya, though I'm not sure how easy it is to answer. We have a spare server laying around, dual processor 3.20 GHz Xeons with a few gigs of ram. Anyways, it's not being used and I was thinking about putting Filemaker 7 on there with a 1-2GB database. On average we have anywhere from 3-7 people accessing the database. Does this seem like a machine that would be able to accommodate our load? Right now it's being held on a 6-7 year old Mac server so I imagine the spare server will replace it just fine... Thanks for your h
  4. Hey there, We have a Mac OSX server with Filemaker 7.0, and a Windows 2003 server with Filemaker 5.5. I'd really like to get rid of our Mac server and put them both on the same server. However, I have a feeling issues may arise by having two different versions of Filemaker on the same server. Will this be an issue? I know this is a strange setup with old versions of Filemaker, but both of our databases are dependent on their versions, particularly the database hosted on 5.5. We are considering a second, dedicated Windows server to host Filemaker 5.5, but it'd certainly save a li
  5. No love? At all? Have the crash problems be fixed for 9.0 so I can re-attempt an upgrade? I noticed that the first few weeks of 9.0 led to constant crashes on numerous machines so I've been hesitant to move any computers back up to 9.0. I'm at a loss here...
  6. Hi there, I'm trying to figure out why Filemaker Pro 8.0 crashes a few times a day during prints. It seems to be coming from XDraw.dll. I read on a different post that someone recommended upgrading to 9.0, which we can certainly do, as we have a copy of it. However, I noticed 9.0 was frequently crashing as of a couple months ago and am weary to try it. Any pointers? (PS - This is when using XP Pro workstations connecting to a OSX Server hosting FMP8)
  7. Hi there. We have a Mac server hosting filemaker to both Macs and PCs. We had an office manager create an assortment of Filemaker databases, who has since left the company. The problem is that all of the databased were created on the Mac. When viewing them on PC, however, the font formatting is slightly different. Now, when we view the layout mode for the databases, they were setup using a font called "Times". I'm not sure if this is the problem? Maybe it's calling on a font that isn't on PC (XP Pro) and the PC is using a substitue font, causing formatting differences. I'd like to figure
  8. Okay, sorry, you'll have to excuse me, I'm a little out of it this morning. You were saying to omit records with the cmd-T button. So, since a searchcan often pull up many results, what is the other method you mentioned? You were talking about something in the print dialogue... Thanks again
  9. Also, if I understand correctly, the cmd button is the open apple, yes? I'm not too Mac savvy. When we hit open-apple+T, it omits only the visible record...
  10. So CMD+T narrows it down to only the visible record? Is that correct? Also, what would the Windows equivalent to that command be? Thanks a ton for the help...
  11. Ok, I'm not super Filemaker savvy so forgive me if this is a dumb question. If I search for a record in Filemaker and it pulls up 7 records, and I need record 6 of 7 and I attempt to save that record as a .pdf (File > Save/Send Records As > pdf) it converts record 1 instead of record 6. Is there anything we can do to fix this? It does it on all workstations. Thanks!
  12. Is there any way to zoom to 125%? 100% is too small and 150% is too big. :
  13. I found out this issue is printer specific. Other printers print just fine, but any time a network users prints using a specific printer it gets messed up (off-centered to the right). This is on a Konica Minolta c353 using PS and PCL drivers, as well as Laserjet 4 and 5 drivers. Somethin’ is just funky with the printer. I’ll consult the vendor. 
  14. Ok, this isn't necessary a server question, although it might be. We have FM Server 8 on a OSX Tiger Server. There is one single user whose prints come out wrong. It moves the entire page to the right by about 1/2" cutting off valuable data. Every other user in the house prints fine. It's just this particular user. I originally had her using FM8, but then tried FM9 (which is giving that frequent .dll crash mind you) but did not fix her problem. I don't think this is a server issue, since every other PC and Mac workstation print fine, but if someone can offer advice, or maybe the correct f
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