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  1. Jesse, Please do give me. Thanks Regards, Farah K.
  2. Thanks Jesse for your reply. But how will the script be like if I was to upload the picture while viewing the record? I don't want to have the user go to another window or system to upload the file onto the server. Regards Farah Kong
  3. Ello peepz, I am still trying to go through the demo of SuperContainer before proposing it to my employer to buy the license. Anyways, I was wondering if anyone would be so kind to provide me a sample of how to upload pictures which corresponds to the record view. For example, when I am viewing Record1, there must be picture1. When I view Record2, there is picture2 and so for. If picture3 is not available, I will click on the frame to upload my picture. Thanks Regards, Farah K.
  4. Dear peepz, Could you guys tell me how do I export a records in the report template in pdf or excel format? I only got lines of records everytime I export. Thanks. Regards, Farah K.
  5. Dear jstaphse, Thanks for the info but I am taking data from 3 different tables. You are using 3 tables but one of them is actually an occurance. Any suggestion on how to tackle this? Regards, Farah K.
  6. Hello again peepz, Please refer to the attached files for a visual idea of what I am trying to do. Basically when I click a row in the portal located on the right top half, it should display the details of the records on the right bottom half. However, I cant seem to find a way to do that. Could you guys tell me how to do that? I believe it has something to do with the relationships between the contractor and refurbishment tables but I don't know how to sort it out. Regards, Farah K.
  7. Finally managed to figure it out. For those who have the same problem as I did, read the following thread. http://www.fmforums.com/forum/showtopic.php?tid/192050/ Regards, Farah K.
  8. Hi peepz, I think you are going to laugh your heads off when you guys know what I am going through. Anyways, I did a start-up script which goes New Windows GotoLayout Close Windows and guess what! I cannot open my database because it closes. and to make matters worse, I didn't do a back-up! *bang my head* can someone please help me out here? regards, farah k.
  9. Thanks comment. I got it working now. Anyways, is there a way to disable the direct editing function on the portal? Also, if I want to add new records via the parent layout, how do I go about doing that? Thanks again comment for being extremely patient with me. Regards, Farah K.
  10. Another thing, how do you go about co-ordinating the global field to have the same value as the primary key? I did the settings in the fields definition but it still is empty when I input data. Regards, Farah K.
  11. Dear comment, Yes that is exactly what I wanted but how do I go about instructing which textbox to fill? Regards, Farah K.
  12. Dear peepz, I have designed a layout where the portal shall display some fields of the records related to the primary record. The portal occupy the upper half. The bottom half contains textbox, etc which is the basically the more detail field content of the records display in the portal. What I intend to do is that, when I click on the row in the portal, all data related to the row will be displayed in the bottom half. This will allow editorial amendments. Can someone tell me how do I do that? Regards, Farah K.
  13. lostgirl

    Tab Control

    Hello peepz, Can someone tell me why is it that the objects that has been placed on the first tab control shown in the rest of the tab control in my form? Then when I created more objects in the subsequent tab control, the later tab control objects appear on top of the previous tab control objects regardless of which tab control I am on. Regards, Farah K.
  14. lostgirl


    Dear Vaughan, Does this view allow direct editing to the record? Regards, Farah K.
  15. Dear peepz, Could you please share with me how the auto-calculate function work? I have made field3 store the result of the addition of field1 and field2 in the same table. However, when I enter the data for field1 and field2 in the form, field3 remains empty. Regards, Farah K.
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