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  1. I've got about 97,000 records with each record being a unique file name. The file names are everything from "Picture 1.png" to things like "724358428520_108594.TIF". What I need is a script that will look for a block of numbers in each file name, then copy that block of numbers to another field in that record. The blocks of numbers can be anywhere from six to 20 digits. They are not in the same place in every file name. They are always separated from the other components of the file name by a space, dash, or underscore. Some file names have numbers attached to letters in addition to the
  2. Yes, but the ASCII export substitutes those vertical tabs for the CRs that are in the field, so that's unusable without some kind of post-processing. In other words: Exporting the field contents gives me the UTF-16 file, and exporting the record gives me vertical tabs. Either way, the resulting file does not render properly despite having otherwise-correct HTML in it. I redownloaded your script and I'm getting the same errors and the same missing object, btw. It really does blow my mind that there's no way to do a straight-up 100% pure plain text export from FileMaker. BTW, I
  3. After some Googling it appears that the cause of my woes appears to be something called a "vertical tab" character which FileMaker uses to replace a CR in any given field. If I export the record (as opposed to the field), open it in TextWrangler, S&R the vertical tab for a CR, then save, it comes out perfect. There doesn't appear to be a way to manage this inside of FileMaker so now I just need a way to do it outside. Bruce, do you have a script? I was able to do it manually in TextWrangler by copying the space between what I knew would be two lines and pasting it into the search fi
  4. The limit shouldn't be a problem; the most I could ever envision passing is about 40,000 characters, maybe 50,000 at most. The average is around 15,000-20,000. I'll admit I haven't done much work with shell commands. I opened your file and ran it, and got two back-to-back errors: "Object not found" followed by "Unknown error: -1728". Looking at your script, the $sourceField Set Variable command shows a function missing. Forgive my ignorance, but is there something I need to insert there?
  5. There's no tabs in the field so that's not a problem. There ARE line breaks (RETURNs) but if I'm going to HTML that shouldn't be a problem. I tried your advice; I changed the script step from "Export Field Contents" to "Export Records" using the tab-delimited format. This time when I open the file in my browser it was oddly distorted. Most of my text was there but every apostrophe and quote mark was turned into a symbol that looks like a white question mark inside a black diamond. Plus, my CSS information was disabled/ignored When I tried to open the file in TextWrangler I got an ale
  6. I built a script that takes data from a number of different fields, converts it into simple HTML, pastes the aggregate information into a single text field, and then exports that text field to a file on the desktop. It all works quite smoothly. However, there's a problem and I don't know where it stems from. If I open the exported file (which has an .html extension, btw) in my web browser it renders correctly. If I upload the exported file to the web site and then open it, I get garbled Chinese characters along with a few random strings of Roman text. IOW: If I open the file locally it re
  7. I have a web enabled (IWP) database that has five layouts, each representing one of five pages on the "site". A web user points his browser to the FM server and clicks on the link to get into the database. He's a guest user and the database is set up to allow guest user access without needing a login. He sees Layout #1. He clicks a link that moves him to Layout #3. He closes his browser window, opens a new browser window, goes back to the FM server and clicks on the link to get into the database again. He gets Layout #3. This is definitely a cookie thing. If, in between visits to the
  8. Not possible in this situation. The font is to be used on a decorative certificate that's printed directly from FileMaker.
  9. I have a value list built on the contents of a calculation field ("Quarter") which contains either "First Quarter", "Second Quarter", "Third Quarter", or "Fourth Quarter", then a space, then a year (2008, 2009, etc). So a typical value list might look like this: First Quarter 2007 First Quarter 2008 First Quarter 2009 Fourth Quarter 2007 Fourth Quarter 2008 Second Quarter 2007 Second Quarter 2008 Second Quarter 2009 Third Quarter 2006 Third Quarter 2007 Third Quarter 2008 Third Quarter 2009 What I want is for all the years to be together, with the quarters in lo
  10. I try that but run into the same issue; names with a lot of thin characters (i, l, f, etc) measure differently than those with a lot of wide characters (w, m, n, etc).
  11. One of my tables has a certificate layout that, when printed, generates what is essentially a Certificate of Merit with the person's name on it. That layout has, among other things, a field for the person's name. The field's default text size is 60pt and it works fine. The problem is that sometimes there will be more than one name in that field. It's even possible that there could be many names in there (like, 15 or more) and 60 point type won't cut it. I've managed to set up conditional formatting that will adjust font size based on the number of words. Generally this works well exc
  12. You just solved the problem. Thanks!
  13. I have a printer that allows me to do zero-margin (edge to edge) printing. I can create an image in Photoshop that covers an entire 8.5x11 page and, when I print it, I get 100% of that layout. In FileMaker 9, not so much. When I set up a layout in FileMaker it isn't giving me a full 8.5x11 page. There's about 1/4" to 1/2" on all four sides. The Page Setup is correct; FileMaker simply won't let me do it. When I print out my page from FileMaker I get a white border around the edge of my page. This is unacceptable for what I need to do. If I go into Layout mode and go to View -> Page
  14. FWIW, I had lengthy discussions with Brother about printing from FileMaker. According to Brother they don't consider the P-Touch to be a "printer" but rather a "label maker", so they only support printing through the P-Touch application. This is a crock of you-know-what, of course, but the short of it is that Brother is not at all interested in allowing other applications to print to their P-Touch printers, and they design their software and drivers to reflect this.
  15. I've only done 'passive' things with IWP, just reading information from a database. Never had people entering data from a web browser until now. At exactly what point does user input become part of the database? IOW, if you're working in FMP directly (not via IWP) and you enter data, it's pretty much instantly part of the database. If someone is on a web-enabled version of that page, does it work similarly? Is there a timeout or some other 'automatic' entering of the data? Basically I need to set up a system where a user can enter specific data (name, department, comments, etc)
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