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  1. Hey there, My solution contains records of different categories: The Category field can hold e.g. "Library item", "Periodical", "Internal Knowhow" and many more. (A record has one category only.) The Find screen that is being offered through a PHP solution contains a field where users can search the Category field using two checkboxes: When they tick "Library item", they find library items; when they tick "Periodical", the find periodicals; and when they check both, they find records of both categories. My problem now is, if a user does not check any of the checkboxes he finds a
  2. Hello, Thank you for your reply! This is exactly where things are getting difficult. Currently, I have a field in my main table called "RecordAccess". Those records that can only be viewed by members of the Group "001" get a "001" written in this field. Then there is a field "RecordAccess_USR" in my user's table, too. If a user belongs to the group "001" he has "001" written in this field. In Accounts and Preferences there is a condition that says that a record that is marked with 001 can only be viewed, if this here is true: Case ( MainTable::RecordAccess = "001" ;
  3. Hey, This is about granularity and record access. It has turned out that the FileMaker solution I developed requires a more "individual" way of dealing with user rights. The solution holds all sorts of "knowledge management" records (hints for other users, instructions, library entries, and so on). The records of the category "Library" can be viewed by everyone; records of the category "Division A" can be viewed only by the members of division A (same for B, C, D...) Some records cannot be viewed by freelancers, some can only be viewed by the record's creator himself. Many user group
  4. Hey there, I am working with CSS to format data that can be viewed via the webviewer. I am in the middle of trying a few things and would like to keep CSS information in a seperate file outside the webviewer. However, I cannot manage to refer to the external CSS. The content of my webviewer starts with: "data:text/html, ... Both the Filemaker file and the CSS file are in the same directory. I tried this with a "normal" HTML file (without "data:text/html,) and things worked. Any ideas...? Thanks a lot, Mike
  5. ...one more thing to mention: In my first message I stated that the subfield issue seems to be solved with the way I wrote the XSLT: ... ... I found out that this is not quite true. In case an element and its subelements are completely missing the order of the following elements gets messed up. What works though is this way here: ... ... Attached are the two XSLTs, in case anybody wants to try... As I can only attach two files per message, here is the XML I tried the attached XS
  6. Hey comment, Thanks so much for this! Works exellently. Mike
  7. Thank you very much! Works very well. Not sure if this is necessary in this case. I have to merge certain fields anyway, as the structure of my Filemaker file is much simpler than the original format. The only annoying thing that is left at the moment is that the original format uses multiple attributes, e.g. saint dictionary So, I am running into the problem of not being able to tell Filemaker the difference. I tried simply ... ... ... ... ... but this seems to be not the way to do it. I'd be grateful for advice.
  8. Hey there, I am trying to import data from a German library format ("MABxml") via XML into my FileMaker solution. The original format uses fields and subfields, but it seems that this is a problem I've solved; the import works fine. However, the original format also uses the same field multiple times with different values. In the attached xml-file it is field #902 that appears twice in one of the records. I cannot find a way to solve this; ideally, the result would be that the import delivers field #902 with two values. Or do I need to merge this fields first, before importing?
  9. Hey Bruce, Thanks for pointing this out. So, I tried to build the tab panel system once more from scratch, and found out that the Default Front Tab in Tab Control Setup caused opening the wrong panel (where the calc field was not placed on). Thanks again! : Mike
  10. Thanks. Sorry, I forgot to mention that a Refresh Window or a Commit Record does not help.
  11. Hello. I've got a calc field (result: container) that gets filled with a graphic when a certain condition is met: Case ( IsEmpty ( Comments ) ; Global::gYellowBar ; "" ) When I place this field on a tab panel, it does not refresh. It only updates when placed besides tab panels. The only way to get it filled is by switching to layout mode and then back to browse mode. Any ideas why this happens? Thanks for your help... Mike
  12. Hey comment, Thank you very much for your fast answer, and for working on my file. It now works excellently! I now see where I went wrong... Thanks again! Mike
  13. Thanks a lot for this great file... I played with it and added a Tertiary Value. (Similar to CDiez' solution, as I've just realized...) There is only one problem that I cannot solve: I cannot get cleared the third field properly if there are two Primary Values that use a Secondary Value with the same name. To make it clearer, I added MOUNTAIN RANGES both under AMERICA and EUROPE. If I for example choose EUROPE - MOUNTAIN RANGES - Alps and then click on AMERICA I still see Alps in the third field. The attached file hopefully helps making clearer what I mean. (Background info: Th
  14. Hello Barbara, Thank you for your detailed and very helpful message. Many of the global fields that I created are there to help the user creating a find request. From different lists (e.g. country names, content categories) the user can choose what he needs. I reset these global fields when the user starts the "Find" script. As a lot of scripting and relationships are involved I've been busy this w/e pushing my fields from the Main Table to the System Table – but it looks like it works! :-) Thanks again! Mike
  15. O.k., I still haven't found the reason behind, but the following workaround helped, and it might help in case somebody faces the same problem...: What seems to cause trouble is the Allow User Abort script step. The critical script steps are: Allow User Abort [Off] Show Custom Dialog (...and hit OK) Perform AppleScript (...including choosing a file and hitting OK) When the script runs these three steps in the above order, then it happens that the spinning wait cursor appears in case the user clicked OK in the custom dialog too long. Changing the order h
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