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  1. to further illustrate whats wrong, like I said the "show all records" script does not work, but if you use the status area and press the left arrow (it says "previous range of data") the data magically reappears. However, there is no script that will allow me to program a button to do this (since I want to lock the status area). What can I do?
  2. Its just the "add new record/request" button. However, to give you a better idea of what happens, if I click on any record, all the ones below it disappear, but the count still shows that they are all still there. Even using a button that says "show all" refuses to bring the disappeared data back (although in the software I don't have this issue). Why is IWP being difficult?
  3. So I have a list of records that shows u perfectly fine when I first access the database. However, when I click the "Add new record" button, all the previous data disappears (its still there, when I log out and log back in, its all there with the new record). This is annoying, tho, when I want to see everything right after I added the data. I tried adding a button that refreshes the data and shows all the records, but for some reason this doesn't make the records pop back up. What can I do?
  4. So i found how to lock the status area, but how do I run the script when the database is opened? I don't know how to make a startup script
  5. I don't want to covert it to a filetype that filemaker can read- i want it to be in its original form, so I'm not sure what kind of thing that'd be in filemaker. We are going to have our database kept on a full-time server, so we COULD upload the files thru ftp... but I don't know the server name yet. There is no way to store the file in FM?
  6. I had published a database and could move around it fine on a browser, but I went back the other day and the page said there were no databases found. I tried re-publishing it, but I still can't find my supposedly published page. Any reasons?
  7. I'm really know nothing about ftp, but i downloaded the plugin and took a look at the upload function. It looks like it might work, but I'm afraid that the sheer amount of information you need to supply it is more complicated than anyone in my lab could or wants to understand. Is there a way that I could create an easy button that the user presses, prompts him or her for the file location, and uploads it to a table for storage? And then another button that allows the user to download the file as well? I don't want to get them bogged down with anything more than that.
  8. I work for a research lab, and I am trying to create a webpage that everyone can access to upload or find information. My ultimate goal is that we have files that contain lots of information concerning plasmids (the extension is *.gb, which i'm sure is not supported by filemaker). I don't want to manipulate the data inside filemaker, but I want users to be able to upload the *.gb file onto the webpage so that other users from different computers can download the file. Is there a way that filemaker can handle this function?
  9. Thank you! In the end, I was storing both the lists to the same table, and was just using 2 TO's. So I split the data into two different tables, and it worked fine. Thanks for the references, I'll make sure to check them out as I work thru the remainder of this database!
  10. Mr. Vodka, I've read thru the whitepaper link on your sig, and I have a somewhat better understanding of what I'm looking at (as far as Table Occurances go), but I'm not sure as to how I need to accomplish what I'm trying to do. If I have two list layouts on the same database (but different layout pages), is the information I put into them stored in the same table? If so, is that why, when I click add new record, it adds a new line to both of the layout pages, since the button is a global script and there is only one table? Am I wrong if I say that I have two table occurances but just 1 tab
  11. I understand that much, so how do I split it up? Do I have to create two different databases and have them call each other by managing the database connection thing? I'm a little FM illiterate. Or can I split them up within the Suh Lab Table?
  12. I've uploaded my database. You can see if you click the add/remove button on one (Plasmid page) it adds it/deletes it on the other one (Oligo page). I don't know how to separate them. Suh_Lab.zip
  13. I work in a lab and am creating a database where we can store all our information. I have two lists on completely separate layouts, but when I press the new or delete button on one list, an entry gets added or deleted on the other list as well. Is there a way to separate them so I can have them run independently? I've named all the parts of the list different names so they aren't calling the same information. However, both add/delete buttons on either page both run the new record/request script. Is there a way to make this script NOT universal so it only adds a new record on the page I'm
  14. Sorry, figured it out. I've attached the file. Suh_Lab.zip
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