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  1. Hi All, I have a gif animated file that I like to use in FileMaker Pro 11 instant web publishing. Can we use gif animated file in FileMaker pro 11 instant web publishing? File is located on c:usersfmpromain.gif Please note that I do not have FileMaker Server or Advance server. Thanks, A
  2. Hi All, I’m looking for name of the cities and states in USA. Does anyone have them in FileMaker, Excel or any other format? Thanks for any help. A
  3. Hi All, We have some issues with FileMaker reporting output that I’m explaining it below: In both FileMaker and Access we have the same table structure and records. In MS access I already created report that is called Quary1 that outputs a report very well for our users. But when we tried to run the same report in FileMaker Pro 10 we get a different report output that it is not correct and it is missing some data. Can someone let me know why we can’t get the same report output in FileMaker pro? Here are the link to both FMPRO and ACCESS files: http://www.4shared.com
  4. You all have been very helpful. Thanks for all the help, A
  5. I have around 50 fields to have Yes or No. I created the following calculation: If(Answer="1"; "Yes") & If(Answer="2"; "No") That is going to be lots of calculations for 50 fields. Plus how do I insert Yes and No into each 50 fields? Is there any other way to do this? : Thanks, A
  6. Hi All, Is it possible to define a value list which displays one value such as 1, but stores a different value such as Yes? Thanks for any help. A
  7. Never mind. The existing value was selected so I just deselect it. All is working well!!! Thanks, A
  8. Hi there, I did set new field called GFM_Num type Text and set it to auto-enter (replacing existing value) a calculated value = Subj_num & "|" & FM_subj_num Set the field's validation to Unique, Validate always. Now when I go enter some data in Subj_num field and leave the feild, I get the following error: “Subj_Num” is defined to contain existing value only. You must enter one of the existing values. Any idea? Thanks, A
  9. Hi all, We have a table called FMRI There are two fields that we would like to set as semi unique value: 1.Subj_num 2. FM_subj_num For both fields I setup Validation “Not empty” What we like to do is, prevent users from creating duplicated record with the following fields: subj_num and FM_Subj_num . Such as: In ideal situation we would like it such as: Record 1: subj_num = 2 and FM_SUBJ_NUM = 3 Record 2: Subj_num = 10 and FM_subj_num = 3 But if users create two records like this then inform users that there is a duplicated subj_num and FM_subj_num
  10. Hi mr_vodka, As for the login issue: “As for your login issue, if you open the first file that has the same credentials in the second file, then they will not have to log in for the second file.” I tried your suggestion, but still asking for login name and password
  11. I already have a script doing exactly as you wrote in your respond, but what I’m trying to avoid is prompting users for user logging name and password. Meaning, hard-coding the user name and password in the Import script to avoid users from getting prompt for the authentication. A
  12. My gold is to import the data from A to B over-writing the entire existing data in B. A
  13. Hi All, I have two FileMaker V10 databases that are similar in table structure. Database A and B. I like to synchronize tables in Database A to B. Is there a way to automate the synchronization? If not, I setup the Import script that upon the execution it asks the users for login name and password. Can I save the username and password within the script so it does not ask the users? Thanks in advance, A
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