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  1. Thanks SO much... this is actually going to be used by NASA!!! so i guess thanks from the United States of America!!! thanks again
  2. thanks for that file... in response to your question i only want 1 instead of 3... that is close to what i want to achieve but not quite... I need the closed requirements to plus one only if the same paragraph number's are all closed check the attached file... the Db needs to see that 1.) duplicate paragraph numbers exist 2.) If all of the Opened/Closed fields are set to "close" for the duplicate paragraph numbers then it should +1 to the closed requirement boxes or do a summary of how many unique paragraph numbers are closed... Thanks So Much... I
  3. i guess it doesn't have to be... i just need it to do like i said above...
  4. Sorry guys I'm a complete noob!!! Thanks for replying here is the requested info~ ok... I have three records i have a drop-down menu in a layout stating if the record is opened or closed i have a textbox called "PGNUMBER" otherwise known as Paragraph Number on Table "Page View" here are some pictures... each record is separate... This picture shows you where everything is... Picture 1 This picture shows you that nothing happens is one of the records "closed status" is changed Picture 2 This Picture shows that the 2nd does the same
  5. Hey Guys, once again i enlist your help... I have a field that is exactly the same on 3 records.I have another field on those records that say if the individual record is "opened" or "closed". How can i set up a calculation so that it will first count how many of that first particular field are the same.... then add a number when all of them are "closed"... any ideas?
  6. ok since nobody has posted in a while... how about this... what if i created a script (that ran automatically after hitting the save button) in vb.net that ran from all of my parameters... how would that look? thanks in advance, Euka
  7. i just found out what it was... STUPIDEST MISTAKE EVER!!! because i just added this feature when i imported i didn't have the arrow selected... Let this be a warning to all who post... Go through the basics first...
  8. look at this... I want to go from the XML to having the "Thermal" already entered after i import **before just shows you that it's a drop-down box** **After shows what i want to happen on import** if you look at the either before or after you see that the xml style i used last time (with the chr(13)) checked the checkboxes in the checked list boxes in filemaker... i need for the XML to enter (or show) the variable in the drop-down too... do you get what i mean? thanks, Euka
  9. What if I only wanted one to show?
  10. in vb.net the code for the return button is "chr(13)" and i have it & VariableHere & chr(13) &
  11. I fixed this problem however I have another related problem... i'm using vb.net to write the XML... now i'm trying to write the contents... (just like you said) back to a "drop-down" field where only the variable is shown in the drop-down box (in filemaker)... ..."" & VariableHere & ""
  12. that's what i needed... i didn't even know "summary" existed... that's what i needed to know Thanks So Much, Euka
  13. can you show me the calculation with the find?
  14. i need it global though so i can tell how many records have the "-1" in it... still need help, Euka
  15. Good Morning Guys, i got a quick one for you... i want to filter the instances of "-1"'s in a certain field then count how many there are total in the DB... how would this look? thanks in advance, Eukanuba
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