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  1. In my case, the problem seems to stem from the command CCSetTestMode. I set my variable from a field as in CCSetTestMode(Setup::test_mode) When I force the command to CCSetTestMode(0), the problem goes away. So, I will change my script to the following and re-test. If(Setup::test_mode; CCSetTestMode(1); CCSetTestMode(0))
  2. I am updating from v2.33 to v3.x on Windows. It's older installations. I have multiple machines to update. Because of the TSL 1.2 requirements. The plug-in either has first time initialization problems. Or, I get the Unable to process because of java.lang.nullPointException Attached is a fresh log file from an attempt to run a credit card. Help 360Plug-ins_Runtime.log
  3. Authorize.net is discontinuing support for HTTP-GET commands and moving exclusively to support only HTTP-POST commands. These are the internal commands sent by the Plastic plug-in to Authorize.net The deadline is 7-30-2016. Any credit card transactions after that using GET command will be declined. Does 360 Works Plastic currently use POST or GET commands? If not, will there be an update soon? Will we need to upgrade or will there be an free update? Thank you
  4. So, what we are saying here is that there will be no new customers? How can I spec a new Mac FMS system? I can't. I can't go with the customer to the Apple Store to shop. Sad, Sad, Sad. And very frustrating.
  5. I've have a workaround that may be convenient for everyone. I created an html file with a singe iframe. This will mask all the url dirty work in the browser. <html><body style="margin:0px"> <iframe src="https://www.myserver.here/fmi/webd#MyExampleDatabase" width="100%" height="100%" frameborder=0 seamless> </iframe> </body></html>
  6. Here is an ugly flaw.... Once a normal user get's past all the regular security. They land on their record of choice. In the url there is a part that says, "record=1" If the user changes it to "record=2" right now, nothing really happens. If the user does a refresh. Nothing really happens either. But after the refresh, the user can change the url to read "record=4" and up pops a different record. In fact you can change it to any record number you want. Pretty ugly if you are serving secure info on these records? Any ideas? I'm serving on IIS Can I do a custom cgi and still tie it to WebDirect? Or, how about a php page with custom parameters that refeeds from WebDirect? Will it let me with the constant connection it wants to keep?
  7. I opened the same hosted solution file in two clients at once on the same workstation. One client is v12.05, the other is v13.01. Opened the same file on the same server to the same layout. If you create a record in v12 and drag and drop a PDF onto a container field, everything works everywhere. v13 look right, you can interact, even right-click open in Preview. If you create a record in v13 and drag and drop a PDF onto the container field, everything fails with blank. v12 + v13 show blanks, right-click open to Preview fails. There is data in the field after dropping (well there is a data length and filename for the field at least) -m
  8. This blows. I've got the same issue. Totally holding me up. It's something with the workstation? Maybe the Adobe install? I have FMP Advanced v13 on a MacBook Pro Mavericks connecting to a RackServer WinServer2008 with FMS v12. I also have Adobe Acrobat Pro on the workstation. If the FileMaker file lives on the workstation all seems well. But, hosted on the server? The solution randomly displays a blank! And right clicking to open in Preview fails too. I think that internal paths to pdf containers fields and the interactive layout are buggy? Just guessing. I'll keep trying to find a pattern to all this. Bueller? !! -m
  9. I found a work around. Using text blocks with merge fields, like this: <<myRepeatField[1]>> <<myRepeatField[2]>> These will slide and shrink correctly and will render correctly too.
  10. FMPro 12.0 v2 for Windows XP sp3 has same failure.
  11. FM Go for iOS v12.0.4 on iPad 2 has same failure. FM Go for iOS v11.0.1 on iPad2 works fine.
  12. No fix for this in 12.0 v2 for Mac Lion, downloaded today. If you designate a repeating field to show one repetition, starting with anything other that the 1st, the system fails to slide correctly. I will test Windows and iOS next.
  13. Maybe 12.0 v2 fixes this? Downloading now....
  14. So in FM12 (12.0 v1 Mac), define a field that repeats 10 times. Add that field to a layout and designate the object to display only [1..1] of the repeats. Add another iteration of the field to the layout and designate the object to only display [2..2] of the repeats. Make these slide-up. The second iteration fails. Sometimes even to render at all. Making the object display [2..3] of the repeats seems ok. It's only with the singletons. ( I use this technique for a complex form that requires info between the repetitions. Worked great for everything before v12 )
  15. Sliding of repeating fields seems to have changed in version 12? Background v11: Layout has several clones of a repeating field, each showing a different repetition of the data. i.e.. myRepeatField[1..1], myRepeatField[2..2], myRepeatField[3..3], ... , myRepeatField[16..16] All are set to slide up and reduce enclosure. Result is white space is removed as expected. -- v12.0.1: Recreated layout in new project. Not converted from 11. Layout has several clones of a repeating field, each showing a different repetition of the data. i.e.. myRepeatField[1..1], myRepeatField[2..2], myRepeatField[3..3], ... , myRepeatField[16..16] All are set to slide up and reduce enclosure. Result is white space is not removed on myRepeatField[2..2], myRepeatField[3..3], ... , myRepeatField[16..16] Only myRepeatField[1..1] myRepeatField[1..16] works ok. Just not the other field setups? Used to? -- WTF? can anyone else duplicate this? Of course I have a project fully developed on this technique in 11 that has now changed in 12.
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