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  1. How do I delete a field's contents in a calculation? I have tried setting the field to "" and using LeftWords(Fieldname,0). Neither of these attempts wiped out the field. I tried " " but that holds a space. I want the field to be empty. Thank you.
  2. Using Portal to display tasks on Employee form. A script finds Open or All Tasks using a Relationship between global and calculation fields. Works fine. However, CANNOT Add new Record from Portal -- error "This action cannot be performed because this field is not modifiable" -- even though a = Relationship is set up between EmplID fields & Allow Creation enabled. Both Relationships discussed above are defined in a single Relationship link. Research on this Forum indicates it's the relationship of the Global and Calculation field -- didn't understand it entirely -- I guess
  3. aalrr1

    Portal Sort

    Thanks for the heads up. I created a brand new portal, same fields, etc. and it worked fine.
  4. aalrr1

    Portal Sort

    Phone Table contains Extension, Type (Phone or Fax) and Availability fields. I originally input data by Extension (primary key); however, on a related form, I want to filter the portal by Availability, sorting by Type. The portal works with the exception of the Sort Portal Records option. The records are still sorted by Extension. I tried sorting the underlying Phone table, but that did not affect the order of the portal. Is there a condition that causes a portal to ignore the sort specifications?
  5. As a "temporary" fix, I created a + button on the portal. When pressed, it goes to the last row and adds an "acceptable" default value based on the Dept. Once the Practice Group has a default value, the conditional value list displays correctly and allows user to change the value.
  6. I have 5 tables, all related 1 to 1. I want to display a conditional Value List for Practice Groups filtered by Dept category. If I use an Edit box for the Practice Group, it works. However, the attorney may be a member of more than 1 Practice Group. As soon as I use a Portal (instead of an Edit box), the Value List no longer displays for New records. Records that already have a Practice Group(s) assigned display (and can change) the Value List correctly. I have attached a sample with junk data. What am I doing wrong? Thank you in advance. ConditionalValues2.zip
  7. So new to this terminology that I can't yet explain myself well. I followed your steps as detailed, and found I needed an additional relationship to the Parent table. Was able to create a new Parent-Child relationship and got it to work.
  8. After much looking, I want to group Tasks by Category using a feature similar to Report with Grouped Data on the List/Report layout wizard, only displayed in a Portal instead of on a list. Is this possible?
  9. In order to avoid popups in Value Lists, yet display foreign key field rather than primary key, I figured out the drop down menu covered by a non-enterable edit field (thanks to a forum answer) in a simple 1-to-1 relationship. However, I can't make it work in a 3 table relationship where a Popup Menu works. An Employee table holds all employee names and logins (primary key). Attorney and Secretary tables hold fields unique to each. Both tables are linked to the Employee table by login. If I display data from Attorneys:SecretaryLogin by using Popup value list pulling Secretary:
  10. I have a portal record displaying a single field's content as a popup menu on a layout form (so I can display the name instead of the stored linked fieldID). When we scroll through this portal field or more importantly want to delete an entry from the portal, it almost impossible because of this popup. Would your "label over" technique work here to prevent the popup from interferring when scrolling through this field on the form? If so, you could please explain how to set up this "label over" on the form? Sorry I don't understand how to do it.
  11. I did get this working with 5 globals. Thank you for the help.
  12. In the link referenced, it appears the fields on a layout are shown/hidden based on a button. I want fields to be enabled based on entered contents of Position field -- evaluated after selection from a Value List. Example: if Positon = Attorney, Assigned Secretary field is enabled, else hidden. Is this possible?
  13. I would prefer using the filtered portals. However, am having problems. On a Form, I have 5 Tabs, 4 -- one each for a different group of people by Position from the same Employees table, and the 5th one for ALL employees. I have created 5 global fields (in the Employees table), one for each Position and the ALL category. I have related the global field to the Positions field (also in the Employees table) with a self join (duplicate) table. All records are displaying on every tab. I'm new at this and pretty confused by this time. Any help would be appreciated.
  14. I want to generate a unique login from a full name (first, middle and last initial). If the Login exists (or the middle initial is missing), the middle initial should be changed to X; if that exists, change to Y; and then Z. I am able to assign a variable to the first concatenation and assign to the Login field; however, I don't know how to test it against the existing entries for the Login field. If I set the field to be unique, the validation is passive and doesn't allow a calculation to change the field. How do I accomplish this? Thank you.
  15. I am building a New Hire form. Based on the position of the new hire, I need different fields. Is there a way to make certain form fields active/inactive based on the contents of another field? Thank you.
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