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  1. Hello, I have a table of Companies related to a table of Member Dues by an auto-serialized Company ID. Each Company record has a portal that displays corresponding Member Dues. HOWEVER - when I run a find and try to send a report to Excel on Companies who've paid Member Dues in 2008, say, FMP exports every portal row (with dues data from 2006, 2007, etc.). Is there a way to specify a portal row in an Excel export? Thanks!
  2. Hey, Jack - actually, it was a self-join relationship causing me grief - but thanks!
  3. Right you are - I thought it had been deleted, but no - thank you so much!
  4. I should add that this happens if I run a search for all Jane Doe's or am showing all records - it doesn't matter. Additionally, the delete button isn't in the header - it's within the body of the record.
  5. I have a database with two main tables - individuals and companies. We just discovered that every time we delete an individual record, FMP deletes ALL records with the first and last name (even though each record has an individual serial #) - So if I create three records with the first and last name fields as 'Jane' 'Doe' and delete one record (either through a button or through Ctrl E), all Jane Does disappear - even though they have unique Contact ID's and are associated with different companies. I don't have this problem in the Company table - I'm a relatively advanced
  6. Excuse my late reply, here, but thanks for the help!
  7. Let [Tables] and "Fields" I have [Contacts] linked to [Companies] by "Company Name". On the Contacts layout, address fields are in a portal of fields from [Companies] and will auto-populate based on the entry in "Company Name". HOWEVER - a few of our companies have multiple addresses. Ideally, a user would select addresses from a drop-down menu that would auto-populate the remaining address fields, but that's where I get a bit lost. Anyone have a more elegant solution to this, or can someone point me in the right direction on how to do this? Thanks!
  8. I have a database of companies with a dropdown field ("Status") that lists their membership status as Active or Inactive. I'd like to conditionally format so that the "Company" field goes grey when the user selects Inactive from "Status". My mind's drawing a blank, here - any help appreciated!
  9. Solved it - I didn't realize I could just enter the calculation as [color:blue]First_name=Salutation
  10. Thanks - and what function would I use in the auto calculation?
  11. Simple question, but I can't seem to find an answer anywhere - In a Contacts table, I have two fields: 1) First_name 2) Salutation When I type "James" in the First_name field, I'd like "James" to autopopulate the Salutation field (where I could then modify it to "Jim", if need be). I have a hunch I should do this through a lookup, and so I related a 2nd instance of the table to the first - but I can't get the Salutation to autocomplete - it prefers to stay blank. Where have I gone wrong?
  12. But - couldn't I just perform a find request specifying the appropriate parameters to generate a list of attendees for the event(s)?
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