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  1. Hi, I've made a runtime on Mac, and made it work on Windows XP. Is there any certainty that it will work on Vista and Windows 7, or do I really have to make a version for every OS ? Thanks,
  2. In order to help you with the shortest solution I need to know the following: [color:blue]How many excels do you need to import approx. ? Is this an operation that will happen again ? Meaning, is it a one time import of multiple files ? Or will you have to do that many times again in the future ? Does every file needs to be imported the same way ? Are there different sheets in the excel doc, and if so, what is the name, of the sheet that needs to be imported ? Do the fields in the excel have names corresponding to fields in your Filemaker doc ? I think I will be a
  3. I looked at your scripts and it is certainly quiet impressive. So impressive I'm a bit shy about my solution. [color:black]Problem Description All teachers in the school of my wife have to fill in a form, several times. I've made the form in Excel. The data goes to a separate worksheet. The teachers mail their forms. The filemaker database must now import that worksheet from all those workbooks. I used the "import records" scriptstep, and copy/pasted until I had 100. I then worked with [color:blue]Clip Manager, to 'find & change' the names of the workbooks in the script.
  4. I wrote a script to [color:blue]import up to 100 files in one go. If someone is interested I will post it. It is probably a bit primitive but it works fine. I was surprised filemaker can't do that by itself, but maybe I'm mistaken.
  5. Thank you, Master. The thing is quite complicated because some teachers can't teach on some days, some students can't come to class on certain days and some classrooms have their limitations on numbers etc.
  6. [color:gray]I'm disappointed with the new toolbar / status area thing. Of course the status area must be on the sides, screens are mostly landscape now. What is that obsession with putting [add/delete records] buttons? If a user has trouble finding that in the menu, we should remove him from even touching the computer. Maybe the FM people should ask the apple guys to help them designing. [color:brown]By the way, under my username, Conga, I find "Novice", while other posters have cool attributes. Where does one change that ? In control panel
  7. Thank you very much. I'm going to look into these solutions. Although I first got interested in this problem from the acute situation in my wife's school, I'm now interested in how can you make such a complicated model work. Thank you and mayby I'll contact you later on.
  8. [color:purple]Thanks again, but I went to that site the first time and they have not what I want: namely a program that can organise the time table for subjects, classes, teachers, and students. I'm under the impression that there are hardly any available at all. [color:blue]Maybe my search term is not adequate. So again, how do you call the organisation of all of the above in a school ?
  9. [color:gray]It must be me but I can't find any. What would be the [color:blue]appropriate English search term for what I'm looking for. Thank you.
  10. [color:gray]Do the members on FMforum have any advice on existing applications for [color:blue]scheduling a school (subjects, classes, classrooms, teachers). Would you advice a certain program or do they all have flaws… Preferable Mac & Windows. If possible Filemaker based. Thank you for your advice as always.
  11. Thank you so much for your answer. I'll take your advice and start learning about IWP. Thanks
  12. [color:gray]I work with Fm since FilemakerPlus but have never done web-publishing nor web-server. I'm willing to learn everything that is needed. As a volunteer I help a school. Please advice me on the problem. This is the problem. Each teacher does or plans a number of projects and activities with his students during the year. I want a database so that every teacher can see on the web what the other teachers do and check what each class will do. [color:gray]1) [color:blue]Do I need Filemaker Server ? [color:gray]2) Teachers will be asked to send a [color:blue]form to me. The form for th
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