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  1. Hello All, The company I work for uses small "Termal Transfer" printers in order to print the labels for the products they sell. Some of the printers used are: Zebra TLP2844, Zebra ZP200, Zebra ZP455, Okidata LD630T. I'm currently testing with the OKIDATA LD630T which is the one I have available now but the issue is happening with all the other printers as well. Here's the issue, In windows XP everything works fine, when the script to print multiple labels is triggered the print dialog comes up, they put the quantity of prints needed and the system prints those labels. The company had to u
  2. Perfect, thank you very much for the explanation as well as the solution. I checked the file and it made sense, I was not looking at the right data. I'm very appreciated for your help Eos. Regard, Lucas
  3. Thanks for replaying I attached a copy of the file so you can understand better my situation. Regards. db.fmp12.zip
  4. Hello all. I have a question that it's not clear in my mind on whats the most efficient way of doing this. I have 2 tables: 1 - exercise Type ( id, name ) 2 - exercises ( id, type, name ) So in a layout i have a portal that is pointing to the exercises table, in the same layout I have a checkbox field with a value list that points to the exercise types For example: --- Exercise Types Bicep Tricep Plyos Sprints and so on... --- Exercises Bench Dips (belongs to Tricep) Rope Pushdown (belongs to Tricep) Broad Jumps (belongs to Plyos) Squat Jumps (belongs
  5. Hello, this is a pretty simple thing to do, what I would recommend you to do is: 1 - create a calculation field containing the part number you want to make as a serial number, this number mjust be between "*" ( example *12345* ) 2 - get a barcode font, this is the font you will use in the barcode layout 3 - create a layout with that font and point it to the calculation field 4 - set a script trigger or even a button (whichever better suits your needs ) to point that layout and print it. As for the printer, Zebra offers a lot of label and barcode printers, but it all depends on the s
  6. Hello, I have a question that I'm debating myself if it's doable or not... there is a solution with an Inventory DB. This file contains images of the products, before the filepath was used in the container field as "imagewin"... but the images are being moved to an external system "a cloud". Is there any way i can link the images from the cloud into the cointainer field or maybe a similar solution I could work around? I'm kind of stuck on this issue and I don't know how to proceed. Thanks in advance.
  7. Thanks for replying, Maybe I didn't explain myself better, what I'm looking for is help or at least ideas of how I can successfully come out with the right solution. What are the requirements in order to make this type of application work? What recommendations could be suggested in order for me to dig into it a little bit more. Any ideas would be appreciated.
  8. Hello all, I'm sorry if this is not the place to post my question but I've searched for a section for this topic but I couldn't familiarize it anywhere. I was currently hired to create a solution for a company that would like to sell the solution to people/ companies, they want to have a licensing system where people will buy let's say 1 license / 10 licenses / 50 licenses / etc. What are the steps I should take to build a system that will be secure to validate licenses bought, what is required to do this transition, what I need in order to perform this task. For now all I know
  9. Could you provide a sample so I can try to understand you a bit better?
  10. I believe my best bet right now would be to write a new DB with error logs, This way I can monitor better what exactly the problems could be. Thank you very much for your reply. Greatly appreciated!
  11. Hello all, This is my problem and I hope someone has a solution or suggestion for this as I've been researching and I can't fix this issue I have with the company I work for, we currently use Filemaker 6 (.fp5), Our company gathers order from different websites, we download the order from a centralized place in a csv file, then we run a process manually 3 times a day where someone does the order processing batch which is an automatic process. I would like to know if there is any possibility of blocking users from entering or modifying records while this process is being done, most of t
  12. I've tried looking for this online but I haven't had any luck so this is my situation: I have a table with products that have already been published online, Example of the table: Part number = 123ABC ID = 123abc Publish Status = Yes or No I have another table with different products and notes, sometimes in these notes there are part numbers which have already been published, so my job is to detect the part numbers that have been published and make them link (for example: this is a 123ABC example = this is a <a href="http://www.mysite.com/123ABC.html">123ABC</a> e
  13. That is all I was trying to figure out, if I could detect the misspelled word through an error code or a function allowing me to just tag the record, This project was not intended to correct or add words into the spell checker, What I'm doing basically is breaking a sentence on a field into single words on each records in a table and creating unique records on another table with each word, this is for web publishing, to insert keywords, etc... So we could make a list of words that should go on Upper, on Lower, or special words with special parameters.
  14. I've tried looking for this on the site but so far couldn't find the response, here it goes... I have a big list of records which I broke every single word and created a dictionary of unique words in all the records, omitted everything that has numbers or special characters, so only words were created. This is where I'm stuck, I need to identify in a new field if the word is wrong spelled, in other words, if there's a red line in the word I need to be able to identify it, but not correct it, just tag the record, so based on some criteria later on we can integrate those words into the
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