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  1. Hi everyone, I have been working on a solution that is now distributed across several locations throughout the UK. However, one area in particular - Telesales - needs access to a very restricted interface only. They need to be able to open the customer database and work from there. Now, there are several problems to this. 1. The only file I have viewable to all users is the main menu, which opens up a menu only. This then links to different areas, though most of them are entirely irrelevant to this individual. Whilst I can disable the scripts from opening any additional pages, it is
  2. Hi everyone... I am working on something for a customer when my colleague suggested this and I was intrigued by whether or not it has been done before / is possible. I am providing a customer with a .exe standalone application for a rather basic database. However, I was wondering if it is possible to either embed or trigger a windows script that installs a font required for particular layouts on the hosts computer? If this is possible it would definitely make my day!! If anyone knows of a way or any ideas please let me know. Best regards, Jason V.
  3. Hi everyone, I have just finished setting up filemaker Server 9 with external server authentication, and I am quite pleased with the results! However, I have realised there is quite a substantial problem in my solution now. Basically, I have a "helpdesk" log where users can allocate tasks to each other. Then, depending on who is logged in, they will see any tasks allocated to them. However, this used to work via a relationship involving an unstored calculation field with the formula "Get(AccountName)" which would return the account name. With the external server authentication h
  4. Hi, Thanks for the reply. I was getting ready to begin a long export and import process which would undoubtedly result in numerous errors, but your method seemed to work. Do you know if there are any side effects to this? Best regards, and many thanks for the reply, jason v.
  5. Steven, Many thanks for your reply. I had spent a couple of hours looking over this last night in a chapter in the Filemaker Pro9 Bible, where it was suggested to use scripts that automatically change the user login details across all files. I thought it was probably not the best way to go about it, and after several hours configuring it to test, I realised it was also quite slow and gave rise to more headaches than those which it solved... I am assuming external server authentication will be alot more secure and will make the process flow better? I am downloading the file you
  6. Hi everyone... I have been working on a solution for a company for 6 months now and it is approaching its finalisation. however, I had initially setup just a small portion of the functionalities on a kiosk computer for inventory tracking. However, I now need to disable all kiosk functionality and my searches have led me to believe this is not possible... SURELY there would be some sort of warning if this was the case?? There MUST be a way to undo this no? Otherwise what are my options? The database is to be accessed by people across the entire office building. Some of these work in the w
  7. I forgot to mention... I have had a look through external server authentication and single sign on... I am slightly confused about the differences and lacking a solid resource to review in order to learn about this... I feel perhaps one of these two methods could help me solve my problem??
  8. Hi everyone... I am almost embarassed to be asking this one. When I started this solution I didn't know anything about filemaker - and I have been gradually learning by reading the "missing manual" and the "filemaker 9 bible" amongst other sources, and of course this forum. However, my initial application for filemaker was very limited. Over the last few months however, I have been asked by the company I work at to continually expand this - and it now includes every department of the company. My problem is I started off with a multi-file environment, as I didn't quite understand
  9. Right... I get you now. In some other parts of my solution I have allow records to be created via this relationship enabled, but in the more secure ones - namely those dealing with cash values - its probably best to control everything via a script and hence a button... Thanks for the help :B
  10. Hi everyone. I have searched around the forum for an answer to this, but been relatively unsuccessful. If anyone knows of a thread or if I am searching for the wrong terms, I would be very grateful if you could direct me to the right place!! Essentially what I am trying to do is as follows: I have a helpdesk log (among many other tables that would link into this) which allows any user to raise an issue and allocate it to a department awaiting resolution. The table has the following fields (simplified) - Account Name (which is essentially the department raising the log) -
  11. That worked like a charm. Thanks for the help... Would have spent countless more hours trying this otherwise Best Regards, Jason V.
  12. Hi everyone. I have been messing around with this for hours and it just won't work!! I'm starting to think I'm missing something incredibly obvious. To simplify things, I have a field called 'status' in a table called 'serviceEvents'. I then have another field called 'routeDate' in a table called 'Routes'. Essentially, UNLESS the job in 'serviceEvents' is currently on a Route, and hence in the 'Routes' table, I want it to only allow the status field to have the value of "incomplete". Otherwise, I want it to allow "Incomplete" or "Complete" (thinking about the problem logically, it wo
  13. Thanks for everyones help. I managed to get it working with that custom function you linked me to but eventually convinced the company to go about it with reporting instead. It is not reporting on all machine locations seperately. Thanks again for all the help.
  14. How would that work though? Because if the field is not set to "locked" then the user should be able to enter data in the portal (create related records)... and it would be the same layout? I seem to have gotten around this simply by requiring the user to click a button to add a record in the related table. If a particular field is set to locked, this script won't allow the operation to be performed. Works fairly well. Any significant risks in this? I think I'm becoming incredibly security paranoid after reading some threads on here!! Thanks again for the help. Regards, Jason.
  15. Hi bcooney, thanks for the offer to draft up a demo... I seem to have achieved what I was after though. Essentially, I made a popup before the re-login script step, which prompts the user to select whether to continue and login as an admin or cancel. If you hit cancel on the re-login, it simply takes you back to that prompt, wich makes sense generally. Everything seems to be working fine. Do you think its ok to validate the privilige set names in order to determine whether to proceed or not? I currently have it checking whether the privilige set is [full access], Manager, or LogisticsAdm
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