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  1. Okay, I encountered this problem twice in the last two weeks. The first time, I did what no1tmorrow recommended, and it worked: Delete the FileMaker Server Admin Console Java Applet. Uninstall FileMaker Server, Java, and Bonjour. Delete the Program File folders for FileMaker Server, Java, and Bonjour. Disabled all of my Network Adapters. Reinstalled FileMaker Server. Enabled all of my Network Adapters. However, I was unable to do this when installing FileMaker Server remotely. I was also able to fix the problem by following the instructions for resetting the FileMaker Admin Console
  2. It looks like the 360Works SelectFile() function is returning the network path of the file. With a bit of manipulation, you can use this value in FileMaker: Set Variable [$$SelectImportFile; Value:SelectFile] Show Custom Dialog ["Windows"; "filewin:" & Substitute($$SelectImportFile; "\\"; "/")] This should yield the following result: This value can then be used in various script steps like "Import Records []" and "Export Records []".
  3. You could host the website on a LAMP server, but the FM Web Publishing would have to remain on the Windows 2003 Server. The "$IPAddress" would then be the address of the Windows 2003 Server, not the LAMP server.
  4. This is the script that I came up with in my solution: ## # Load URL Script # Set Error Capture [ On ] Set Variable [ $webviewer; Value:"webviewer" ] Set Variable [ $url; Value:"http://www.fmforums.com/" ] Set Variable [ $lastTag; Value:"</html>" ] Set Variable [ $timeout; Value:30 ] ## # Load the URL # Set Web Viewer [ Object Name: $webviewer; URL: $url ] If [ Get(LastError) ] # Error: Either the webviewer is missing or did not load properly Exit Script [ Result: False ] End If ## # Wait for the URL to load # Loop Pause/Resume Script [ Duration (seconds):
  5. You could probably also pass the field values from the Quote record that you need as script parameters: Perform Script ["Check Availability"; Parameter: Quote::field1 & "¶" & Quote::field2 & "¶" & Quote::field3] And then retrieve those values in the "Check Availability" script: Set Variable [$field1; Value:GetValue(Get(ScriptParameter);1)] Set Variable [$field2; Value:GetValue(Get(ScriptParameter);2)] Set Variable [$field3; Value:GetValue(Get(ScriptParameter);3)]
  6. If the names are on the same line, try WordCount(): Let( filed="Male Female"; WordCount(filed) ) If the names are on different lines, try ValueCount(): Let( filed="Male¶Female"; ValueCount(filed) ) If the names are in different repetitions, try Count(): Count(Table::filed) Finally, if the names are in two places, try Not IsEmpty(): Let([ filed1="Male"; filed2="Female" ]; Not IsEmpty(filed1) + Not IsEmpty(filed2) )
  7. What about this: Let([ startdate=Get(CurrentDate); period=3.5 ]; Date (Month(startdate) + 12*period; Day(startdate); Year(startdate)) )
  8. Okay, here's the deal: My client is running a 2-machine deployment of FileMaker Server 9.3. Two weeks ago, their Domain Controller server died and needed to be replaced. We have a website set up using Custom Web Publishing. Shortly after the DC was replaced, CWP stopped working intermittently for hours at a time. Everything else works fine--Users are still able to access the database using FileMaker Pro. When CWP stops working, port 5003 stops accepting new connections on both the Worker and the Master machine. FileMaker reports this as an 802 "Unable to Open File" error. R
  9. You can create a global field which links to the company name field in your list. What you would do is type the first couple of letters of the company name and then display the matching results in a portal. When the user clicks on the company name, you could execute a script which would update the necessary field with the company name. However, you would have to tab out of the global field to update the company name portal. Currently, I don't think there is a way to dynamically update the portal every time you type a letter without the help of a plugin. FusionPlugins.com has a plugin
  10. You were correct, we had a DNS problem. The worker machine could resolve the master machine using its IP address, but it could not resolve the master machine using its domain name. The IT personnel modified the DNS so that the worker machine would be able to reference the master machine by its domain name and the issue was resolved. I'm not overly familiar with how networks work, so I apologize if my description is lacking. Thank you for all your help.
  11. I have checked the maximum number of web sessions in the admin console and it was set to the default 100 sessions. I tried changing the number of sessions and restarting/redeploying, but it did not solve the problem. I have forwarded PBainbridge's post on to my client's IT guys to see what they make of it.
  12. I have a client who recently upgraded from a single-machine FMSA8 deployment to a dual-machine FMS9 deployment. We have spent nearly a month trying to get Custom Web Publishing up and running, but we keep receiving "Maximum number of web sessions exceeded (Error 956)" errors whenever we make a query. I have restarted both servers and redeployed the WPE numerous times, but this has not solved the issue. Many of the articles I have read on this subject state that this is a Firewall problem, but they never say what the problem is exactly. I have checked the ports on both machines as wel
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