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  1. Hi Stephen, I was wondering, do you happen to have an example of the searching in a portal method you mentioned. I have a portal that i would like to seach in and would appreciate any assistance. If you require any further info, please give me a shout. Cheers George
  2. Many thanks for your help John... its all working! Thank you again. George
  3. Thanks John for the post - I've got it working. One last question... do the calculated values on the "portal" side have to be filtered? Many thanks. George
  4. Hi, I've got a problem I'm trying to solve... I have a portal I would like to filter using three different filter variables - date, name and type... here's how I would like it to work... 1. If no filters are selected, then all records in the portal are shown. 2. If any one of the filters are populated, then only those records that have the same value as the filter are shown. 3. If multiple filters are populated then only those records that correspond to all the filters should be shown. Any thoughts would be appreciated. if you need any more info, please give me a shout.
  5. Hi Thanks again... silly oversight on my part - i didn't sort the records before opening the layout! Fundamental! Thanks again. Cheers George
  6. Hi LaRetta, Many thanks for the reply. I have attempted to do what you recommended, however no joy. Were you able to make the change on the file(s) that I attached and did it work? Any further help would be hugely appreciated. Thanks again for making these forums so good! Cheers George
  7. Hi Everyone, I've been working with FMP 9 for a few months now but have run into a problem. I am putting together a report (layout: invoice statement in the attached files). I have two test invoices and when viewed in browse mode, I can scroll through the invoice lines and the various attributes change correctly. However, when I view the invoice in preview mode, all invoice lines are shown (not separated by invoice number). I have setup the subsummary report section to start a new page on every new invoice number. Please could you have a look and possibly let me know where I have gon
  8. Zimbo

    Summary Report

    Hi, Thanks for your reply. I ended up using a not so elegant approach - a specific table into which I brought all the information I needed after processing it all. (the sorting, filtering, combining and processing was the problem). I will look at the resources you mentioned as I'm sure there is a better way of doing it. Thanks again. Cheers George
  9. Hi everyone, Many thanks for your replies. I may not have to export the data to a file now so things may be a lot easier. Cheers George
  10. Hi Everyone, Back again... our solution is coming along nicely and I think I've finally make the switch to FMP... awesome! What I need to start looking at now is writting to files... we need to write information from the new FMP database to a file so that we can run it through our antiquated payroll system. And we also need to write to files for logging and audit. Firstly, can FMP write to files? And secondly, can anyone one point me in the direction of some good resources regarding writing to files from FMP? Many thanks for any thoughts and comments. Cheers George
  11. Soren, Many thanks for your help. All in order now. Regards George
  12. Hi, Thanks for taking the time to take a look at this. The graph is attached. A bit of background - I have workorders and timesheets which I have combined into one table (tbJobcost)as the information on each is almost exactly the same; and a combined table holding their line items (TBJobcostLine). The type of record is denoted by a calculation which is driven by checking whether the relationship is to an employee or supplier. Another reason for combining is that I need to generate reports that list both timesheets and workorders. Cheers George
  13. Hi Everyone, I'm having a bit of trouble with the soultion I'm designing. (I'm an ex-access newbie)... I have 2 scripts that I use to find a set of records from the same table (Different types of the same record). The one script is working without any problems. However, the second script (which is an exact copy of the other with the search criteria and target layout changed) returns an error: "This operation could not be completed because the target is not part of a related table" I have error capture off to check what is going on. If I'm in Scriptmaker and execute each script
  14. Zimbo

    Summary Report

    Hi Everyone, I have to say once again, this is a cracking forum. I'm a newbie but with a fair bit of technology (MS) experience... so the whole FMP thing is new to me. I'm progressing nicely with my solution - the client is happy with the data entry side of things, and we are now looking at the reporting side of things. I have the reports design so now need to implement them... here's my problem: I need to put together a summary report which breaks down costs of a project according to type and category. The information comes from 2 tables - expenseslines and timesheetlines, wi
  15. Hi, Thanks for the post, that was exactly what I was looking for. Cheers George
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