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  1. I am thinking about buying server hardware dedicated to our FM11A server. Any suggestions. We have about 40 simultaneous client connections and plan to have 100+ web connections, not all simultaneously or even for very long. Currently the Server is on a Win 2k3 server that is also handling DHCP, FTP, and Print Services. I thought I read somewhere to not have such services running at the same time with FM server. I would like to know everyone else's setup: OS, additional services run, etc. This server will only host the FM Server and will connect to a separate Web Server.
  2. I wonder if it has to do with my layout changing or my criteria referring to a different, yet related table. My script goes like this: Go to Layout ["Specific Week Attendance" (tblStudents)] Set Zoom Level [150%] Enter Find Mode [Pause] Set Field [tblAttendance::dateWeekEnding[8/21/2009]] Constrain Found Set [] this is a script that is performed after a "manual" / "user input find" searching for a student by last name in the "tblStudents". The tables: "tblStudents" and "tblAttendance" have a relationship by unique index key. What it returns is the accumulated ho
  3. I would like to see this script... I created an Access Database that does exactly what I want, however, with the user information being in a FM database, I am trying to make the same "time clock" function in FM Pro 10... Going through my "Missing Manual" for FM Pro 9, I am having a hard time grasping the concepts of creating a script the "FileMaker" way... I just hate the GUI way... guess I've written code long enough to prefer to manually make it? In VBA, I perform ifelse statements, whether there is any data in the "entry" field, whether the ID is valid, whether the user has clocke
  4. Sadly, I wondered that too, however I think it is because this server hosts so many sites driven by ASP because a lot of them are "designed" in FrontPage... What can I say, I work in a school district that is slow to change... Precisely, and I just wanted to "quick fix" my job.. I will have a look at it... I noticed this in other posts, but I wasn't sure if this was the way to go and why... Thanks for your reply...
  5. Has anybody had any success and what kind of success publishing ASP with FM? I was told PHP was good, however, we use ASP and we cant have one server with both in use.
  6. man, I totally forgot about summary fields... So I have the summary field showing the running total of the "totalHrsInterval" when grouped by "date" then I have another field displaying that running total in a "HH:MM" format {hour(totalHrsInterval)&":"&minute(totalHrsInterval)} However, I am trying to figure out if I am going to have to create a new table holding daily totals per user... also, I am going to want to call the total for each weekday for the current week... At first I was thinking a case() function, however, I am not sure how I can use a criteria, but
  7. 1 table tblHours 5 Fields: nameUserName : txt field timeIn : timestamp timeOut : timestamp date : date in format 01/01/2008 totalHrsInterval : Auto-Calc Field "Hour (timeOut-timeIn) & ":" & Minute ( timeOut-timeIn )" sample record: jsmith010188; 8/18/2008 11:13:05 AM; 8/18/2008 2:45:11 PM; 8/18/2008; 3:32 I want to Sum the totalHrsInterval fields that exist for a specific date such as Sum(totalHrsInterval {where date = DateCurrent-1} I would like to simply display this on a form without actually having an entirely new table... I thought about a me
  8. So confused with how I can display this... I am starting to think of all kinds of formulas, yet unsure about how to specify the data I want... Basically I need a time sheet display located on the "Attendance Tab" Showing the clock-in/out times for the current week per day (maximum of 4 in/out per day) then show the total hours per week, per month... I think I can handle the sum of hours for each day/ and month, as long as I can differentiate the clock times... I have a fake user and time records for two different weeks... however, there will be multiple weeks in the "tblAtten
  9. Holy moly... Having a hard time with even explaining this one... I need to come up with a calculation based on the following: Table Has Username; TimestampIn; TimestampOut; Date There are maximum of 4 records per user per date, for example: jsmith; 1/1/08 8:00:00 AM; 1/1/08 9:15:00 AM; 1/1/2008 jsmith; 1/1/08 9:30:00 AM; 1/1/08 11:30:00 AM; 1/1/2008 jsmith; 1/1/08 12:00:00 PM; 1/1/08 1:15:00 PM; 1/1/2008 jsmith; 1/1/08 1:30:00 PM; 1/1/08 3:30:00 PM; 1/1/2008 I have added 40 fields in the following format: TimeMonIn1; TimeMonOut1; TimeMonIn2; TimeMonOut2 etc up to in/out
  10. may be related to: http://fmforums.com/forum/showtopic.php?tid/197715/post/new/#NEW I have a db that will show user clock times, current week displayed: Mon-Fri, up to 4 clock-in/outs and then weekly totals per month... This is what it looks like I need to display current weeks daily times and then sum of hours per week/per month My table for hours looks like: nameUserName;timeIn;timeOut;date multiple instances of username exist in this table for each record is a clock-in/out interval so I could have: jsmith01;8/1/08 8:00:00 AM; 8/1/08 9:30:00 AM; 8/1/08 jsmith0
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