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  1. i'm not sure i undestand, but here's what i'm thinking create a global field 'g1', a calculation field 'c1', and a summary field 's1' have a script enter the new serial number in g1 the calculation for c1 is g1=serial summary is the total of c1 have a script trigger for when you exit the serial field - the script will set g1 as that serial number., then if s1>1 it deletes that record and goes to the record that already has that serial
  2. It's not great, but I think I just thought of something I could (maybe with scripts / script triggers or something) break down records (perhaps duplicate them into another table for this purpose) so that the records continue each other and are related. maybe 2 lines each. then you force them to sort properly and you kind of have it, but the other fields will keep getting duplicated, but I can put them on the side and out of the way. Any better ideas?
  3. Filemaker really has some deficiencies that annoy the cr** out of me. Is this possible, either literally or just 'effectively' (or creatively, using non-layout techniques (I don't know), etc)? I want to have a list layout where one of the fields can sometimes contain a lot of text, or sometimes very little. I really wish the height of this field object would vary to accommodate the amount of text in the field for each record without really going over (or at least have reasonable proportionality - if I have to formulate a way to do it pretty closely based on character count, so be i
  4. I have several solutions for which I would use this. A simple one, is I might want to have a filemaker solution run in an amazon cloud instance, and have it constantly check a website for changes/updates, and send me an email alert in the event of certain changes/updates. (this is for a unique purpose, not something like stock prices, so there would be no service I could use to do this for me). I have filemaker 12 advanced, but I've still been using 11, just because I'm used to it. I'd be willing to switch though. My objection to using web viewer is fear that it will over-con
  5. I posted this quite a long time ago and got no replies, so I suspect my only options are to buy webassistant or use web viewer and the getlayoutobjectattribute function. Does anyone have input on whether the getlayoutobjectattribute fuction can be just as good. I'm thinking I would just disable images and flash/plug-ins for internet explorer (this will be on a PC), and then maybe it would be as quick as using web assistant.
  6. I don't have a carriage return symbol handy, but it's that thing you click that looks like a P. This should do it: substitute (field ; "x " ; "x[carriage return symbol]")
  7. I think I was able to solve this by creating a related table with two fields and importing a folder with all the text files (one field for the file names and one for the contents). I'm still disappointed that, as far as I can tell, this can't be easily done within a script.
  8. Is it possible to have a script import the contents of a text file into a text field in a script? If this isn't directly possible, are there any neat tricks/hacks/plug ins, that effectively make it possible? (I don't want to create new records, I want to import corresponding data in text files into existing records. For example if field "A" is "Blue", I want to be able to have a script set text field "B" as the contents of C:/Blue.txt) I need this to be done to thousands of records. Also, I have no problem changing the extensions of the txt files to something else, if that woul
  9. 360 works' web assistant extension has a function - wageturl - that gets the source code of a URL. webassistant costs $99 though (or the free version only works if filemaker has been open for less than 2 hours). Is there anyway to accomplish this without spending $99? I'm familiar with the method of using a web viewer and the getlayoutobjectattribute function, but I don't want to use that method. Is there anything else? (not using a web veiwer)
  10. This would solve it... First, create the following 5 custom functions, in the following order: SingleBreaks(text) ----------------------------------- If (PatternCount (text ; ¶ & ¶)>0 ; singlebreaks(Substitute (text ; ¶ & ¶; ¶)) ; text) #################################### NoTrailingBreaks(text) ------------------------------------ If (Left (text; 1) ≠ ¶; If(Right(text ; 1) ≠ ¶; text; Left(text ; Length(text)-1) ); Middle(text ; 2 ; Length(text)-(1+(Right(text ; 1)= ¶)) )) ##################################### CleanupBreaks(text) ----------------------
  11. let(a=field1+field2+field3+field4; case(a=0;""; a=1 ; case(field1 ; "field1"; field2 ; "field2"; field3; "field3" ; field4 ; "field4"); let(b= if (field1; "field1, ") & if(field2; "field2, ") & if (field3; "field3, ") & if(field4 ; "field4, "); left(b ; length(-2) ) ) ) It's not clear what he's asking, but that would be an answer, if he means he has four fields where a value of 1 is either checked or unchecked. It's not the shortest way to write, but I think it's the way to write it that would calculate as quickly as possible.
  12. Thanks comment. I might not have done it the best way, but your suggestion has doubled the speed. I created a new table with 500 records and a field ("order") where each record is numbered from 1 to 500. Now I have it put the list of 500 numbers into a global field, and have a calculation field ("value") of getvalue(globallistfield ; order). Then I just sort records by the value field. I also had it subsequently find the weighted percentile by using the value in "order" to determine the weight of each value and going through the records in ascending order, until the weights aggregate to t
  13. The overwhelming majority of time spent performing all my calculations is attributed to one thing, that ideally, I would like it to do 30,000 times per day (I may be able to make due with 3k, 7k, or 10k times per day, but 30k times per day would be ideal for my purposes). This one thing, is to take a new list of 500 numbers, and determine a 'weighted' percentile. This is not how I compute it, but it's essentially like a percentile where you duplicate the numbers different amounts of times; the numbers are listed in a chronological order, and it would be like if the first one were duplicat
  14. I think I'm really wondering if google spreadsheets would be able to perform these calculations much quicker. If yes, I think I would just seek to hire someone to help me do this.
  15. I was wondering if anyone has experience with google spreadsheets. I have a filemaker solution whose main purpose is to perform a lot of calculations. I feel like I have written my scripts, calculations, and custom functions to be as efficient as possible, but to calculate everything I'd like to, with one machine, would take 70-125 hours, every day (which means either having a whole lot of machines each doing part of the work (as it can be segregated), or doing only 10-20% as much as I would like to, and still having the cpu of one machine largely-consumed most of the time). I was wo
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