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  1. I just upgraded my FileMaker Server 9 Advanced to FileMaker Server 10 on Mac OSX. On a different mac I opened safari and typed in the server ip, then :16000 in order to access the admin console. It brought up the initial page, and when I clicked on "Start Admin Console", it fails. It appears to try to open a FileMaker 9 Admin Console, then fails. Did I forget to update something? What am I missing? Thanks Joanna
  2. I'm implementing a FileMaker solution online that uses php and that will be accessed from an iPhone. I have FileMaker server 9 advanced hosting the file. Is there any creative way to create a pdf from a found set, and then email that pdf by using php? I'm pretty sure I'm just going to be out of luck here, but I thought I'd ask to see if anyone has done anything like this. Thanks, Joanna
  3. So, I've got a Shipping Company dropdown, it holds information like UPS, FedEx and DHL. I then have a Shipping Method dropdown, that is filtered based on the Shipping Company selection. My problem is this. When I select a shipping company, and then try to select a shipping method, the shipping method list is either empty or filled with the filtered items from my previous selection. It only updates itself when I click off to the side of the fields so nothing has the focus, and then I bring the focus back to the shipping method field. How do I make it so that the shipping method dropdown is updated automatically so I don't have to click off to the side to update it after I select a shipping company? Thanks everyone, Joanna
  4. On the layout you will need to be sure that all repetitions that you want to write to are displayed in order to insert into them through php. When setting the field in php, start at 0. For example.. $result = $request->setField('stu_id', $firstvalue, 0); If your repeating field only has 3 repetitions, then you will only go up to 2 using setField. Hope that helps! I just had the same question and had it answered yesterday, so I thought I'd pass on the knowledge.
  5. On my layout I have a field called ProblemList that is defined as a repeating field with up to 50 repetitions. In php I'm trying to insert a record into the table on this layout but I can't seem to do it if I include setting the ProblemList field with a repetition greater than 0. All of the "problems" I want to insert into the ProblemList field are stored in an array called $problems. I am looping through them and using the setField command to specify the repetition number. Here's my code: $counter = 0; foreach($problems as $problem) { $request->setField('ProblemList', $problem[1], $counter); $counter += 1; } On my layout, I have the ProblemList field set to an edit box, and I've hidden it by making the text the same color as the background. It works if I do the following: $request->setField('ProblemList', $problem[1], 0) But then of course it only stores one of them. When the counter is incremented, it stops working. Any ideas on this? Thank you! ~Joanna
  6. Okay, the last thing that I did, chown, I did on the wrong file (woops!!!). When I did it on the right file, and then ran the script in FileMaker Server, it WORKED. Thank you everyone for your help.
  7. The id tool returned what you said. I do have FileMaker Server installed on the machine where the script is located. I did the chmod command exactly as you have shown, and then tried to run the script through FileMaker Server and it still didn't work. Although I did notice that fmsadmin was now added as one with permissions to read/write on the file, after I did the chmod.
  8. I don't see an fsadmin group/user - I just see "Administrators" and then myself in the list! I gave the Administrators group read/write permission, to see if that would help, but the script still doesn't run.
  9. All of my triangles are pointing down, there's nothing else to view on the Get Info screen. I'm attaching a screen shot.
  10. I can view "Sharing & Permissions" under the Get Info, which lists the users and the privileges of each of the users, but I don't see a way to assign the file to a group and to change its ownership. How do I do that?
  11. I am working my way through the FileMaker training series, and I can't seem to get a .sh script to execute on a schedule. It runs just fine when I run it from the terminal, manually, but when I select it to be scheduled, it doesn't appear to run, even though it sends an email saying it was run successfully. I have given my .sh file executable permission, and the first line in my file says #!/bin/sh. Any idea what I could be doing wrong? Thanks..
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