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  1. ODBC won't work with blobs. On thought I've had on this is to store images "as text" in MySQL, then read them through a calculation field who's output is a container.
  2. I had terrible luck even hosting a 10 file on a 9 server. Lost all the ODBC relations
  3. It's more a URL shortcut than a windows "shortcut"
  4. I've got a FM layout with a portal I want to show related rows from a MySQL table. It works fine as long as the relation is based off a "single" entry. FM field has "Open" in it MySQL field has "Open" in it My problem is I'd like to expand this to show fields with one of two values, such as "Open" or "Pending" Only way I can think is with another FM table with a calculation in it, but that calc can't be used in a relationship (non-indexable)
  5. As long as you have the right privileges in MySQL, it should work without anything extra.
  6. Mikey79

    What Layouts?

    Is there a way to log what layouts gets used/accessed during a time period?
  7. What about having the FM server shutdown so a nice windows reboot can happen? The DB here is quite large (5gig or so) and from what I've seen the physical server can't be rebooted or some of the FM databases will become corrupted.
  8. I've been trying to migrate the data over to MySQL, but with so many fields it's very difficult. It's even hard to figure out what fields are necessary. I hate coming into a project after someone else has solely built it over a long period of time. Thank you LaRetta - I've got my work cut out for me.
  9. This is a "small" file from the "solution" that was made. It's 198megs. 2 other databases are 1gig each. If each database has half it's fields indexed, the resulting smaller database will end up being faster. You index to make the DB faster. If too much is indexed, you end up making the DB slower.
  10. I'm working on a project here at work - Have a table with ~520 fields (not my work or design.) One problem is probably ~250 fields are indexed. Is there an easy way or a way to make a script to unindex fields? Using FM Pro 9 Advanced.
  11. Most users here use FM from their desktop systems. The developers have enough stuff running on their desktops, so they use the TS. Everyone has their own copy of the .fp7, which when open is set to run a script to open a different database off the server.
  12. There is a remote FM server running. We connect to our terminal server and open a .FP7 file with FM-Pro. Somehow that file "opens" and displays files from the server. As far as I know, this only happens on the Terminal server. Trust me when I say our site has a FM database like you've never seen before, and it's scary.
  13. from what I can tell, some files need to be shared - so what's the outcome if I enable sharing for FileMaker Pro
  14. Brought into a project here at work cleaning up some FileMaker databases. One issue right now is several of us run FileMaker Pro 9 from a system using Terminal Services (Win2003) Any time we open a database, a nice little window pops up stating: "FileMaker cannot share files because another user is already using FileMaker Pro on this computer" Is there any way to make that not pop up? It gets annoying clicking it how ever many times to open a database.
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