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  1. Hello, Is there a way to detect if a file has been uploaded to a Web Viewer Supercontainer field? Or have Supercontainer set another flag to "yes" upon upload? I'd like to notify particular users via email when a document is uploaded. Thanks
  2. Nevermind, found it buried here...it doesn't show up on Spotlight searches. Library/Filemaker Server/Admin/admin-helper/WEB-INF/conf/
  3. Are you sure? I cannot find: + Mac OS X: the file will be called mod_jk.conf or mod_jk_paths.conf, and will be in your FileMaker server directory Anywhere on this machine...
  4. I have a FMS9a solution that has been authenticating IWP users against Active Directory. It has been working fine until the last few days. Suddenly now, it will occasionally refuse to authenticate users. Enter valid credentials and it just refreshes back to the login screen. Then, I'll quit the browser, reload the page, and it'll work fine. Then log out of IWP, restart browser, and it will fail. Not having any issues when accessing via FMAPP. Any ideas? Of course the logs arent saying anything other than authentication failed.
  5. That was all it took. Thanks for the tip. Making it harder than it needs to be as usual :o
  6. Hello, I have read through the documentation that I've been able to find and not found an answer to this question. I am running FMS9Advanced on OSX Server, publishing a database using IWP. I am authenticating users via Active Directory. All works great. I have a table containing profiles for each user, which includes a username. The profiles are then related to entries in another table via primary key. What I am trying to do is dynamically set permissions for users based on their username. So for instance, if a user logs in as Jsmith, the database would restrict access
  7. Hello, I have SuperContainer installed on FMSA9. Due to an archaic version of Java to be the standard deployment in my organization, I need to run in noapplet mode. Everything works fine, except the user is not able to delete a file once uploaded. The documentation seems to suggest a delete button should be appearing in noapplet mode. It is not. Is it possible to create a custom button to tell SuperContainer to delete a file? I don't seem much in the minimal documentation.
  8. Hello, Is there a way to have a field automatically timestamp itself when another field in the same table is modified? Something like: Field1 <- user modifies the value in this field Field1ModDate <- automatically stamps itself to track when Field1 was last updated. Thanks
  9. Really? Admittedly I am new here, but if this is so it would be the first forum I've been on where it is NOT common.
  10. "+1" is common forum lingo for "I am also interested in this information" or "I agree"
  11. Hello, I am tinkering with a trial of FMS Advanced on 10.5.4. I get through the deployment assistant, the IWP and PHP test pages run fine, everything looks good in the Admin Console. Now, when i launch PHP Site assistant, it cannot find the publishing engine. No matter how I list the server, via IP, DNS, etc it keeps saying "Publishing engine is not running on the specified server." Seems odd since 5 seconds before the PHP Test page worked fine. I've tried this on 10.5.3 and 10.5.4 on both client and Server versions of OSX. Any ideas? Thanks
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