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  1. Thanks for your input, although I would appreciate hearing from someone who has done this via relationships!
  2. I always just use the "Beep" script step (usually for when a dialog box pops up, not for just clicking a button, but it can be used for anything in a script). I suppose you could also try launching an audio file from the "Send Event" script step, but it'll probably open the program that plays the sound, even with system files. Or maybe someone will have a better suggestion!
  3. This is driving me crazy because I know I've done this before a couple of times... How would I use a relationship including a field calculation of Get ( AccountName ) equal to a field where a user's name is stored, to restrict the user to see only their records? I already know about the alternative of using a privilege set restriction, but that's just plain ugly because the user can see other records, but with a "no access" message, at least until the initial find is executed. Other than using a portal (which doesn't give us much freedom for reporting), I seem to remember using an
  4. If the date field were named "Date", I'd use a calc like this: If( IsEmpty ( Date );Get ( CurrentDate );Date) If that doesn't work as-is, you might want to make it into a calculation field first. Also, make sure that your calculation field type is set to "Date" -- sometimes it defaults to "number" and messes people up.
  5. If it prints OK from yours, I suspect a printer problem with some of the others. You might want to look at their printer profiles and perhaps even go to their machines to see if you can alter a copy of the script to work from there. If you can get it to work from their machines, the issue is more adjusting the script to recognize when it needs to run one print routine vs. another. Hopes this helps, if not post again & I'm sure others will have input.
  6. [color:purple]There are a lot of ways to do this -- it would be easier to answer if you were more specific. But I notice that you claim to be a "novice", so I'll just give you one of the simpler things to do. You could set up a button to launch a script, and that script could then guide them to a layout where they can fill out a couple of fields where you've set up drop-down lists or checkboxes for the different choices they have (or allow them to fill something out freestyle). I don't know how far you've gotten with FileMaker, but I assume you know how to make fields and layouts, s
  7. [color:purple]Another thought -- if you're dealing with a multi-talbe FileMaker file, be sure that you're on the right table while exporting... :wired:
  8. [color:blue]The export you described seems to be fine. From my extensive experience with database-to-Excel exports, I strongly suspect that this is a parsing issue. FileMaker isn't as bad as some databases at exporting to text or Excel, but I rarely see a large export to a different format that is flawless. Usually there are a few lines that have another record stuck to the end of them, or fields that are blank and somehow the data to the right of them move over to the left -- thus throwing off the column integrity, etc. What I'd do would be to take a value (unique or rare if possi
  9. [color:purple]I assume you mean on scripted import? You can set the script's import source to ODBC and see how friendly MySQL is to allowing stored parameters there. It'll prompt you for your credentials if you need an account to get into the MySQL tables. :pounce:
  10. [color:red]Are these tables related, or are you going for just a summary page pulling totals from many unrelated tables? It's trickier if the tables aren't related -- the underlying table won't display unrelated fields. :qwery:
  11. [color:brown]The "Case" function should work for this type of formula, as long as you have the statements in the preferred order of results (should there be overlap). But have you looked at the logic of this calculation carefully? To me, it looks like you're comparing start/end and placement dates, with a result of changes in rates. If I'm reading the naming conventions right, your formula seems to be saying that the start date is later than/equal to the placement date, and the end date is earlier than/equal to the placement date. Long story short, you may have your sign directions r
  12. [color:brown]I've encountered all sorts of problems on old 5.x and 6.x servers through the years -- what you're seeing could be caused by so many different things! But I'll try for you, & throw a few guesses out there. Because it can be opened locally, my first thought is that it's either a network connectivity or user rights issue. Yet the fact that the server hasn't completed a backup for awhile leads me to believe that it may be in need of a reboot, software reinstall, or replacement -- you could start with restarting it (AFTER you back up what's on it). Personally, I wouldn't
  13. [color:purple]May I suggest at least trying to design your own? It actually isn't too hard. For the filtering by sales rep, you might want to set up a table with the ID or name (whichever you use for relationships) of the sales reps, then set up a relationship that goes through that value to the sales data you want. You can then put a portal with sales data on a layout that uses the table of sales reps. That's one of the simpler ways of doing it -- if you wanted a more flexible relationship, you could set up an intermediary table connecting the two. Or if you want each person to see o
  14. [color:purple]Our company had a similar problem -- we used the temporary workaround of removing the server setting that allows people to see only the files they have access to. However, the earlier reply about a shortcut may be useful -- you could build a user-senstive launch menu gateway to other files, and give everyone a shortcut to that. Unfortunately at my company, our development schedule is too tight for programming something that's not at the top or our priority list. So we're still waiting for a patch from somewhere, like everyone else! Too bad that FileMaker doesn't h
  15. I'm not 100% clear on what you're asking, but I think what you mean is, you want the drop-down list for one item to actually change according to something that has been selected in another field (probably from another drop-down). If so, this is done by a combination of what's usually an additional relationship, and the value list setting "Include only related values starting from...". I could give you a fictional sample, but why don't you take this info and try it out on your own first? You'll probably figure it out without additional help. But if you need more help, could you po
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