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  1. I seem to have also! Admittedly, this file I'm working on has a HUGH number of layouts! I've got 7 top level folders, a total of 54 second level folders nested in these, another 6 folders nested in the second level, and another 10 top level folders with misc layouts. I created "top level" folders for each of the tabs in a tabbed Main Menu, then "second level folders" for each menu item on each tab. The second level folders hold all the layouts for that menu choice. All display correctly in the Manage Layouts dialog. When viewed form the drop-down layout listing (layout mode, not showin
  2. You're (all) correct. I'm going to do THIS project with that in mind! Very likely that this data WILL be combined (eventually-by me or someone else). Always great to have other people to provide comments on things like this! Even though an ID is not needed in THIS case at THIS time, need to plan for the next logical step-combining data... Thanks for the help all!!!!
  3. Correct. And the "developer" who might have to do that is ME! I think I'll go ahead and plan for this from the start - just so I don't shoot myself in the foot.... I think this is what was throwing me in the first place. I know it should be done this way, but considering the CURRENT situation couldn't come up with a reason why it SHOULD - AKK
  4. You are right there! It is really a waste that there is no existing database to combine this data. I've made inquiries to our US office, but as far as I know, there is nothing!! We are operating on a smaller scale here (Brazil) and it is possible that I could write a database of this type for use with the vessels operating here (28 as of now). There is definitely a need! And, since this IS a possiblity, I'll go ahead and create THIS database with a VesselID that uniquely ID's each vessel. As you both say, it would be a good idea "just in case"....
  5. Ha, I like your analogy! In the few databases I've done so far, I've been doing as you described. I just wondered if I was missing something-just doesn't seem right for some reason! I've seen other databases written by others here and they are using the Hull Number as well - all still "individual" databases residing on each vessel & keeping track of that vessel's info only.... Thanks for the help!
  6. I think I see what you're getting at. With "Allow Create new records" set on the Match Contacts side of the relationship, creating a new record on the other side and entering data into the related fields on that layout creates the record on the Match Contacts side & AutoEnters a serial into the Match Contact ContactID field. Not sure how the other files's ContactID field is getting that value though! What I'm wondering is if I even need to worry about creating a unique value for these fields. A long as I put any value in the HullNumber field in a VesselInfo table (that will never h
  7. There's the kicker I do NOT need to combine data from all vessels! In this case each vessel IS operating "on it's own" and all I really need is a value to relate tables. I think that's what is throwing me.... Ideally there SHOULD be a database that would hold data from all vessels-as it stands though, there is not. Some of the vessel data is required to be kept in paper form on the vessel itself, some is going to the office in paper form/some as pdf files/some as scanned images (signatures required). On my end (the vessel), all that's required is a database to store data on our vessel..
  8. This question is about as basic as it gets! I'm wondering whether I have the concept of a Primary Key correct for the particular type of databases that we are using & would appreciate someone else's insight. Here is the situation: My company owns/manages a number of offshore vessels. Each of these vessels has onboard a separate database to store data/create reports that are specific to that vessel. One vessel will never need access to information for another vessel. When a new vessel is built, it is assigned a "Hull Number" (not necessarily a numerical value) that uniquely identi
  9. I've looked through previous posts, found one that addresses this question but no good answer. I have some horizontal buttons across the top of my layouts that I would like to "freeze" in position as the user scrolls up and down (multi-page layouts). Don't want switch from Form view to List view. I only want the user viewing a single record at a time... has anyone else found a "work-around" to accomplish this? Thanks!
  10. Update on above message. tried just creating an alias to the folder containing the daily backup files - user opens the folder, double-clicks on an ISM Data Backup file and filemaker starts, saves a copy and runs the applescripts to do the aliases. This has been working but now is not! Works sometimes, though. Now what..!!
  11. I’m having strange problems with this “Restore Backup File” routine – any help would be appreciated! My main database file is named “ISM Program.fp8” (I know .fp8 is not standard, don’t even ask why I have to use this..!). Each time the database is closed it saves a copy of itself named “ISM Data Backup” (no extension). This is the folder set up: (omitted HD & username, this runs on multiple computers with multiple usernames, that’s why I’m using “DesktopPath” in the AppleScript) Main database = Users:Applications:ISM Stuff:Safety Management System:ISM Program.fp8 Backup #1
  12. That's what I concluded, but I have another database with the guest account not active and it's importing fine...! (same uname/pass) Experimented some more with this & find that it's not consistent between different databases - have some with Guest active & some inactive. I thought I had it sorted out, but must be something different. I'm using the same username and password on all these... Christ! I'll keep playing around as time permits & checking here for other possibilities. Thanks!
  13. Thanks, I had tried that - still didn't work... I finally stated changing accounts to see if this would have any effect. I had the Guest account "unchecked". Enabled it again and am now able to do the import. Evidently even though the account names and passwords are the same for both files, the Guest account has to be active.. (go figure!) Thanks for the response!!
  14. I have a database file that I'm saving as two separate files, one with some sample data and another with zero records (when opened, script find no records and goes to config routine). I am trying to import records from the copy with data into the copy without, but get an error "Your access privileges do not allow you to perform this action". I am logging in to my source file as FMP admin (Full Access), I've tried doing the import from the Table view (can navigate to file but it's grayed out), from a script set to run with full access privileges (can execute the script step but get above er
  15. Okay, tried copying the help as you mentioned - that worked. Was not able to get the preferences to work though. What I´m looking for is a way to disable or remove the Preferences item from the Filemaker Pro menu. I´ve tried setting the account privileges to "Minimum" menus, but that seems to screw up my custom menus..... I did a search via Google on this & came up with nothing. Any ideas would be appreciated, thanks Rob
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