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  1. I have a client where all of the computers except for one are using SC with no issues. The one computer having a problem was working fine and then stopped working one day. This was when the SSL certificate used on the domain expired. The certificate has been reset and it was not stored in the keychain on the problem computer. Other computers with the same OS and browser and version of FileMaker are working. If I open a browser and try to go to example.com::8020/SuperContainer/ it times out after spinning for a while. After checking Java and the certificate in keychain, I'm not su
  2. I've run into a situation where a client can be working on a record via IWP using IE. If the client hits the delete button, they are given an IWP error and then when they reload, they are on a different record entirely. This is a major security issue, obviously. However, because it is specific to IE (I've tested with other web browsers) and because there is nothing I can tweak in IWP, I'm not sure that it is a resolvable issue. Before I approach the client and suggest that the solution get entirely rewritten in php, I was wondering if anyone has seen these or has any idea to keep it
  3. Thanks, Jim. I've passed that suggestion along to the client and am hoping he is willing to put the time into finding that Happy Place!
  4. I have a runtime app with about 70 users. For the most part, it is running well. However, an oddity has showed up with a new user. His screens are not drawing correctly at all. When he switches layouts, a ghost image of the previous layout will overlay across the active layout (see attachment). If he minimizes and then maximizes the window it goes away but the moment he changes layouts, the same thing happens (regardless of layout or record). I had him test a FileMaker version of the solution and it works fine. However, he doesn't own FileMaker (it was the 30-day demo) so that i
  5. Thanks for the SCLastError advise; I used it in data viewer and was able to track down the problem (an error on my part on the url). Much appreciated! Yvonne
  6. I'm running SuperContainer 2.61 on a Mac server with FMSA 10. On the workstations, we've installed the SuperContainer plug-in (2.62). I'm using the plug-in so that documents can be displayed in a portal since one record will have several documents attached to it. The problem I'm running into is that when I first log-on to the system, the containers display "ERROR" instead of the file. Once I upload another file, everything works fine. So, my assumption is that this is an authentication issue. I am setting the "SCSetBaseURL" call within my opening script (in both the interface fi
  7. Currently, I'm running SuperContainer 2.2 on a Mac running 10.411, along with FMSA When I try to upgrade to SuperContainer 2.61, I get an "Installation Error: Authentication failed, incorrect password" after entering in the System Admin Password. The password is definitely correct. I ran a couple of sudo commands via the terminal just to be sure there wasn't a problem with the password. Not sure what to do next. Any ideas? Thanks in advance, Yvonne
  8. Not to my knowledge. I've used the experience as a reminder to the client of the importance of backups. I'm just stymied as to why Vista would put data at risk by not writing it to the drive once a program is closed. Thanks for the reply.
  9. I have a client running a FMPro 8 runtime solution on a Vista box. (FYI: The runtime was originally bound on XP but when she upgraded her OS, it still continued to work.) She recently experienced a Vista crash while the runtime was closed. However, when she went launched the runtime after the crash, all of her records entered the previous day were now missing. She did not get any errors regarding file corruption. Is there a way that Vista would have somehow rolled back her files after the crash? And, if so, does that mean that her data is, indeed, lost? Thanks in advance,
  10. UPDATE: I switched the domain to go directly to the FMSA box (rather than to an intermediary box that was rerouting to IWP on the FMSA server). For some reason, this resolved the issue.
  11. I've setup a client to run a few different dbs via IWP. Both work fine via WAN. However, within the LAN, one of them works fine and the other will through up an error: "Bad Request: The server could not process your request because your session has time out, been closed, or communication with the server has been lost." I'm completely stumped as to what setting would allow one to work within the LAN but not the other while allowing both to work from a WAN just fine. Any suggestions greatly appreciated! --- FMSA 9 running on an XServe (OS: 10.4)
  12. To report back in: I tried the uninstall / reinstall scenario outlined in my first post of this topic again. This time, I made sure that Apache was still running after the installs but before going through the deployment assistant on the Master Server. Still received the same end result: "Deployment/Configuration error -150 Starting the WPE(wpe1) component failed: error code = 2504" on the Master Server at the end of the setup assistant. If I continue and attempt to go to the URL that the Web Server is (in theory) running on, I get the following error: "Forbidden. You do no
  13. Thank you, Steven. I do have everything back on the XServe for now. My intent is to keep the XServe hidden from the general public and provide a bit of additional security by having all external traffic (which is the web site) routed through the Mini. The amount of traffic is very small so the Mini would suffice. I will be scheduling another onsite to go through the steps one more time, just in case I missed something. I'll post my results here. In the meantime, if anyone comes up with any possible ideas or suggestions, I'd very much appreciate them. Thanks,
  14. Hello, Developers, I've been running IWP on an XServe via FMSA 9. I recently attempted to split the configuration across two computers: Mini - for the Web Server and WPE Xserve - for the database hosting * I uninstalled FMSA 9 from the Xserve (after making sure everything was stopped) * Installed FMSA 9 as a worker on the mini (after verifying that Apache was up and running on it) * Reinstalled FMSA 9 on the XServe as the master. When it went through the deployment assistant, I received the following error: "Deployment/Configuration error -150 Starting
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