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  1. Comment, you've saved me again. It works exactly like it should. However, I apologize for all these database questions I've been making over the past two months. I'm slowly trying to get my boss to send me on proper training to avoid my messes
  2. Ok I'm still having issues with this Contact database. I'm pretty sure the problem is either my Assign Company Script or my Addresses Value List. I've checked my table Occurrence Address2 and everything that needs to be there is there. But whenever I associate a company with a contact, no addresses show up. There is an association on the Addresses Layout. I've included my most recent attempt at getting this thing rolling I should also note, that the way the database is supposed to work is to associate a company to a contact, and then be able to select an address from the
  3. Thanks for all the help! Comment that's definitely a better (and MUCH) simpler way to set up the database so thank you
  4. I've explained in greater detail in my last post, but I'll give some more detail about the serial number setup just in case it's confusing. The form is: XXXXPPYMMB Where XXXX is the serial number that is generated PP is the product code that is selected Y is the last digit of the year MM is the month B is the batch code that is set
  5. Thanks again for the fast reply. So the company has many different product lines that we produce (Represented by Product Code) and as it is now, every time that they want to generate a new serial number they write it out by hand in a book, fine for 1 or 2 new products but a real pain for 100. So what I'm doing in my database is having the user select from a drop down list the product that they want a serial number for. They then provide how many of the product they have, the batch number (just when the product was made ie 1st or 2nd product run) and the sales order number as a reference.
  6. Thanks aldipalo for the quick reply, but actually what is happening now is that instead of the serial number printing on my main page its actually printing PRODUCT 1::PRODUCT CODE. Even though _Global Serial_ is set up as a number. The only reason I have multiple tables is that I read it (possibly mis-read) it on a forum post. But as it is the setup works fine. My main concern was incrementing different serial number values for different products (ie Product 1 could be at serial # 9999 and Product 2 could be a serial # 1000) I'm sure that I could script the database differently but at
  7. I have a field Product Code on the Main Page. I have 10 different Product tables (Product 1, Product 2 etc.) all related to Main Page What I want to do is instead of creating a different script for each of the different product, is to create one generic script step. Currently my script is essentially: SetField(Globals::_Global Product Code_;Product 1::Product Code) Whereas I want SetField(Globals::_Global Product Code_;[layout by calculation]::Product Code) Is this possible? all I can think of having is get(layout name)::Product Code but this doesn't work An
  8. Thanks Colin, I figured that was the case, I just wanted confirmation that I wasn't missing anything
  9. I figured this was more of a printing issue than a format issue. What I was doing was removing buttons from being printed in my header. But this has left some white space. I was wondering if I could set it up so that when I go to print the header slides to reduce the white space. Expample What I had before [Header] ABC Company -Do Something Layout [body] What I have when I remove the buttons from being printed [Header] ABC Company -Do Something Layout [body] What I want [Header] ABC Company -Do Something Layout [body] Is th
  10. I've been a bit busy this past week and have not been able to work on the database. I'll post what I've got shortly (read when I have time) but if anyone has any ideas in the meantime that would be great
  11. Thanks for pointing that out comment the lack of company id field was definitely limiting the display of data. However now I can't display a different address from the company (I can see address information from company ABC at 123 Fake Street, but not when Gofora Drive is selected) I have also changed the referring table for city/state/Zip and country to Addresses from Addresses 2 I will continue to work on this and get back if I can find a solution
  12. A note about my value list. It is referenced from the missing manual for FMP9. As far as I can tell I set it up in accordance to what they mentioned in the book, but I could be wrong
  13. I've included two versions of the database. Version 1 has the relationships setup the way Comment suggested. Version 2 has the relationships setup the way I tried to communicate. In both databases the Add Company script has been slightly changed. (I'm starting to think that this is where my problem lies) Also for some reason with my database with the existing contact information already in, you can select the desired addresses. I haven't given the user the ability to create all the information from the Contact layout yet, so it may be tedious if you want to add companies and
  14. Comment I just re reviewed your last post and what you have is different than my relationship setup currently. I'll try your method and then get back with the results
  15. I'll work on getting a sample database up tomorrow
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