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  1. Hi guys, I have two scripts written to find records contained in a date range and display the found records in a report layout. To accomplish this, two global storage fields are used: Find_StartDate and Find_EndDate to temporarely store the start and the end dates. Another date field ClockIn_Date uses the dates stored in the global fields as a search criteria. My first script: New Window [Name:"SEARCH TIMESHEET"; Height:335; Width:367; Top:25; Left:25] Show/Hide Status Area [Hide] Go to Layout ["TIMESHEET - SEARCH" (TRANSACTIONS)] Enter Browse Mode [] My seco
  2. Resolved! My value list (Employee ID) was associated to the wrong field.
  3. It kinda did, but I believe I'm not explaining the problem properly. An image will easily do the trick Please visit these two pages for a 2 previews. 1 of the graph and another of the REPORT Layout http://yfrog.com/7efmgraphj http://yfrog.com/jbfmweeklyreportj
  4. Hey Søren Dyhr, I now only have 2 tables EMPLOYEES and TRANSACTIONS with a 1-MANY relationship. The EMPLOYEES table being the one and the transctons table, the many. When I'm using merge fields on the TRANSACTIONS table to retrieve related data from the EMPLOYEES, , the data is not displayed. I should point out that the report layout is in fact a LIST layout with a header, body, trailing grand summary and footer parts. I'm trying to specify a sorting filed clockin day) and I'll see what it does What Am I doing wrong?
  5. Hey guys, I have a very simple solution made of 3 main tables: EMPLOYEES, PUNCHCARD and PAYMENTS. The PUCHCARD table keeps track of employees worked hours and the PAYMENTS one is responsible for recording payments owed or made to a given an employee based on worked hours. I have a one->many relationship between the EMPLOYEES table and the PUNCHCARD table and a one->many relation between the PUNCHCARD table and the PAYMENTS table. When I assign a punchcard record to an employee ID, I wanna be able to retrieve some of that employee's related data (name, phone, ...
  6. It worked, thanks a lot. Can I just ask you to explain why you used this line: 24 * ( ClockOut_time ≤ ClockIn_time ) Thanks
  7. Thanks bud. Let me fire this beast and see what we got. You're right, it's a calculation, not script
  8. Hi guys, I've designed a punch card solution in FM10 to help employees clock in and out. I have a calculation field (Hours_work) that outputs the payable work hours based information collected in a weekly report. If no clock-in time and/or clock-out time is registered, I want the Hours_work field to output 0. How do I do that? Also, does anyone see any issues with my script steps below?. Here's the script: Round( (Hour( ClockOut_time - ClockIn_time )*60 + Minute( ClockOut_time - ClockIn_time)) / 60 - Hours_lunch; 2) + If( GetAsNumber(ClockOut_time) <= Ge
  9. Hi there, I've just designed a solution made of 9 essential tables to help a friend manage his customers. My friend owns a moving company and wants to be able to track his daily transactions in a database. Here are the main tables: ------------------------- [color:red]VIEW PDF ATTACHMENT FOR BETTER INSIGHT CUSTOMERS, JOBS (ORDER), ORDERLINE, SERVICES, INVOICES, PAYMENTS, PRODUCTS, EXPENSES, REFUNDS One customer can book many jobs (orders), but a job can only be assigned to one customer at a time. An invoice can receive many payments, but a payment can only be appli
  10. Hey crazy eye, Thanks for the time. This is one area where I'm stuck . Since a job can sometimes have many invoices (ex: a follow-up job), but an invoice can only be attached to 1 job at a time, we should have a 1-to-many relationship where the JOB becomes the parent. For further clarifications here's how my "ERD" looks like: CUSTOMER(Customer_ID) -< JOBS (Customer_ID_fk) JOBS (Job_ID)-< ORDER LINE (Job_ID_fk) PRODUCTS(Product_ID) -< ORDER LINE (Product_ID_fk) INVOICE(Invoice_ID) -< JOBS(Invoice_ID-fk) PAYMENTS(Payment_ID) -< INVOICES(Payment_ID-
  11. Hi all, I need a bit of help sketching out a very simple relationship graph that contains 6 tables. Due to redundancy, I'm building a revised solution for my friend's moving company and these are the main tables: CUSTOMERS, JOBS (ORDERS), SERVICES, INVOICES, PAYMENTS, ORDER LINE The solution should allow my friend to book a job for a customer, print an invoice and later apply a payment to that invoice once the service has been rendered. I'd appreciate seeing a few ways of achieving this as I already have a good base, but I'm still lacking on a few points. I added the ORDER
  12. Hi, I'm wondering if there's a way Filemaker can interact with a MYSQL database that is hosted on a remote web server and if so how? My website isn't hosted locally. I can only access the MSQL database through a PHPMyAdmin portal that the hosting company made available for me. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
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