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  1. Hi, I need to send html email from FMSP. There's the option in the FMSP for the 360Works email. As I am considering two options, being 360Works email and Dacon's Mailit 8, I wanted to know whether the 360Works email is already integrated with FMSP 2020, or whether I need to add it using scripting? Which plugin allows for the easiest integration on a network? Thanks, Sam
  2. Hi, What additional code must be added to the Google_Gis_api script as to also parse the postalcode and write that in a table field? Thanks, Smalco
  3. Hi, I'm a newcomer to scripts. I'm using the below script of scrap the Lat/Long coordinates from google maps API. For some records I'm missing the Zip code or the city, however google maps returns the right xml data in the web viewer if the address and country are available in the record. The question is how to modify the below script so that it will also update, besides the Lat/Ling coordinates, the missing fields such as city (location) or postal_code?
  4. Hello Charlie, I downloaded your api and it works great. I have a question though, my database list contain a 'address','city','postal_code' & 'country' field, however for some records I do not dispose of the 'postal_code'. How should I modify your script so that the 'postal_code' is also parsed from the obtained xml? Thanks for your assistance. Sammy
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