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  1. I think my tables and fields are set up, but I'm a rank amateur. I need the architecture reviewed, layouts created with portals, easy data entry (ie, if I am adding a CONTRACT RECORD, and the person doesn't exist in my system yet, I need an easy way to add-the-person-on-the-fly), tabs or buttons for easy navigation, and several reports. It will grow from there, but this is the starting. I set it up as one database with tables, but perhaps, for flexibility, it should be separate files that are linked... Please review the attached file and contact me with quotes mtpaper @ ro
  2. That worked much better. Now I need to surf and learn how to add a child record from this screen.... I read "You should use script variables or script parameter (also a form of a variable) to load the data you need, and the Set Field[] script step to put it where it belongs." But I need a more explicit tutorial or example to follow.
  3. Ok - I'll look at the other link Thanks I'm so overwhelmed. I don't see how non-programmers can learn all this....
  4. Hi again I created the script I think the only piece of the puzzle I'm missing is how to get the script to run automatically - ie, in your sample file, it just works I've attached the file - I'm working on the SHOW layout. Can you see what I'm doing wrong or is that too much of an imposition? Marion detail_of_child_record.zip
  5. Thank you - I've always been intimidated by the idea of placing a 2nd occurrence of the same table... 2 parts are not working for me. Any idea what I'm doing wrong? 1. the value of N does not appear on my form (edit: I can get the field to show as 1, but not the subsequent records) 2. when I move my cursor from the first child record to the 2nd child record, the data on the right hand side doesn't change. Also, I don't understand what the global field titled - is for or how it's used Thank you - Marion Is the rectangle around the child record anything spec
  6. Hello - I came here to learn about portals, and this is really helpful, but I have a question. @comment Consultanta - How do I create that Nth child table occurrence? Thank you - Marion
  7. Hello - deleted as I've decided to take a different approach - Thank you
  8. mtpaper


    Can you please expand on these directions? I don't see where on the layout I specify a value list to utilize, so I don't know where/how I can select the specific categories I want... Do you mean simply filter the table, so I only have the records I want? That's fine, but how do I alter the layout so the other columns do not appear?
  9. mtpaper


    With the Counting Sheep total by sub-category link.... is there a way to select which Categories appear? The method works fine if you have 7 categories and want them all to appear. What if you have 7 categories, and want on 3 columns to appear? I can easily filter the source table. And the answer pivot reflects the correct info. But is there a way to alter the formulas so the pivot table only reflects the specified columns? My source table has about 50,000 records, and about 30 categories; in each report I need to specify which Categories get utilized. Tha
  10. mtpaper


    @Comment Thanks for the link to the Counting Sheep Post..... I think that example is something I can understand and implement.
  11. mtpaper


    @Brudderman I had seen the 'matrix' report in the Web Viewer Example.... but I don't understand how to navigate and find the report structure - I've positioned myself at the Matrix Report tab, and switch to Layout Mode... But I don't see anything that shows me how to create the report - the body of the report appear to be a Web Address.... How do I learn how the report is structured?? And, the table structure is more sophisticated than I know how to read... I don't know what is meant by Constant One. I will make a copy of the file and try to weed out the parts that don't have
  12. mtpaper


    Well, sure. Yes. Aside from that. Because I don't see how to implement either of the other methods. I'm not tallying by Month or Year. Which method would you implement? I'l try to apply it. Thanks for the response - Marion
  13. mtpaper


    On the same subject, but with a different end result.... I needed to create a pivot or crosstab again. The above solution wasn't quite right, since I'm working with numbers that, in some cases, needed to be summed. I looked at the two great solutions by Edoshin at Bits and Pieces, and by Dwayne Wright. But I'm not experienced, and I couldn't figure out how to apply their examples to what I needed. So, I solved it another way; example file is attached. Do any of you see any problems with this solution? Thank you - Marion EDIT: I realized file was not attached cros
  14. Ahhh - very clever. I knew about the slide/printing, but didn't understand that I had to use the reverse - ie, make the field as big as necessary, and allow to shrink. I thought i needed a feature to let a field expand. Great - Thank you Marion
  15. I'm preparing a custom report, with columns and groups. How do I tell a field that, if the contents of the field doesn't fit in the designated width, that the field should grow in height (ie, take up additional rows). Thank you Marion
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