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  1. dansmith65's post in portal - dynamic row height? was marked as the answer   
    There is a "Notes.fp7" file included in the download at the top of this page: http://sixfriedrice.com/wp/filemaker-9-tip9-web-viewers-without-the-web/

    It demonstrates how to use a web viewer to display related records. This is the only way I know of to accomplish what you want; and it's a method I've used myself.

    If you need to be able to edit old notes, this method doesn't work very well. Although, you might be able to add this feature if you used a plugin like: http://www.monkeybreadsoftware.de/filemaker/
  2. dansmith65's post in How to get week # of Month was marked as the answer   
    To re-iterate comments point that the answer to this question depends entirely on how you want to define "week of month", here is a real-life example:
    Min ( Ceiling ( Day ( Get ( CurrentDate ) ) / 7 ) ; 4 )  
    In this case, I needed the first 7 days of the month to be the first week, next 7 the second week and so on, returning a max value of 4, regardless of how many days were in the month. This was a very particular scenario, though, so I wouldn't expect it to be what you were looking for, but we can't know that without clarification of the question.
  3. dansmith65's post in Web Viewer as Container was marked as the answer   
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