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  1. Our FM solution uses the mailto script step to automatically pdf a quote, attach it to a blank email, and populate the address field. We are considering switching from Entourage to Gmail, but I can't get this script to work with Gmail. I've tried their suggestion of the Notifier app. Does anyone know how i can get this to work? Thanks
  2. Someone else has suggested using the database design report in Advanced, but I haven't had time to look into it. I just printed a load of screen grabs this time, not elegant but quick.
  3. I could do with a script to export all user names and privileges to a text file for an access review. Anyone know of a way? Cheers
  4. The key question I'd like answered is this. What is causing the ratio between read and write times to be so markedly different when working over the WAN? Here is the script: Set Error Capture [ On ] Set Variable [ $RecordTest; Value:500 ] Perform Find [ Specified Find Requests: Find Records; Criteria: zz__LatencyTesting: _TestAutoEnter: “=” ] [ Restore ] If [ Get ( FoundCount ) = 0 ] Show All Records Delete All Records [ No dialog ] New Record/Request Set Field [ zz__LatencyTesting: _TestAutoCalculate;
  5. I should have said that the service at both ends is a symmetrical un-contended fibre service, 20MB at one end and 10MB at the other.
  6. We are trying to improve the performance of our Filemaker WAN performance and have identified several ways we might do this. Namely, • move the interface file to an FM server at the remote site • faster hardware • the design of the db itself • upgrade the FM server software to v12 (currently v10) • invest in a faster WAN So that we can measure the effects of these changes, our developer has written a simple latency measurement script into our main DB. The results so far are interesting, but I don't understand the difference between the read and write performance. The scr
  7. I don't know, where do you check this? I just want to clarify though that this is the application launch time I'm referring to, not database opening time. Does the plug-in register functions when you launch the application without opening a DB?
  8. Hi epeeler, thanks for getting back to me. Unfortunately, after updating to 11.0.4 launch time has increased from 3m 25s to 4m 13s. Are there any cache files, preferences of any other files related to your plugin that I can trash?
  9. Have I posted in the right place? Do 360º visit this forum to provide support? Thanks
  10. Hi, we use the SM plugin for charting. We are running v4.124 of the plugin with v11.0.3 of FMP on OS X 10.6.7, with JRE v1.6. I have a user who has to wait nearly four minutes for FileMaker Pro app to launch. Removing the plugin from the Extensions folder fixes the issue. Any idea what is causing this? Thanks
  11. I'm still troubleshooting this, I'd rather not recreate his OS X account. There must be a file somewhere that is causing this. Can anyone help?
  12. I've got a user who gets a "permission denied" message when trying to open a DB, the error refers to a related DB of the one being opened. I can access his account from my Mac, and from a fresh user account on his Mac, suggesting there is something amiss in his home folder. So I tried deleting any permissions and cache files I could find relating to FMP. I also tried deleting his login keychain. I've run out of ideas, does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks.
  13. Ah, thank you, my search didn't unearth that one. I think you have the answer. Cheers.
  14. Update: whilst trying to diagnose this issue, I found that if I select the .xlsx XML format rather than the old .xls format, I don't get the error. Puzzling, anyone have any ideas why this might be?
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