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  1. Greetings. Let me begin by pointing out my Filemaker abilities are limited, but unfortunately so is the time alloted to me to actually learn it. But, I am almost done with what I am doing, I just need to know how to do one more thing. My client is a nonprofit org, and they want to keep track of their Volunteers' hours by month for each volunteer. What I was thinking of doing is on each individual volunteer lay out, I will have a field for January, one for February, etc for all 12 months that will allow them to input the time. I was wanting to have a popup menu dropdown above that
  2. Anyone? Am I not explaining it very well, need more details, etc? : I cant seem to find a solution and I need to have this done very soon :
  3. I will give fresh baked cookies for anyone who can help. This is my last major problem to finishing these DB changes for a client, and they need it soon :
  4. Alright, let me see if I can explain this. I have fields for both a Month and a Year for when someone Joins. Lets call them Join_Month and Join_Year fields. I also have a Yes/No boolean field as to whether or not they are active. Lets call it. I need to do reports that show who is a member for each month. For example, let's say its July and there are 30 members on the report. Now lets say 4 more people join in August. So for the August field in the report, it would show those 4 + the other 30 that have been members already, showing 34 members for August. On top of that I was wond
  5. I got this working with an If Statement: If(Child_Active ="Yes" ,1 ,0) And then a summary field showing the total. My question is, for example, there are times when I have a dropdown with 4 choices, and an option for the user to "edit" and add in their own. So, how would I do an "Other" count, IE, counts everything besides those 4 choices in the dropdown?
  6. Greets, Alright, I have a button that runs a script. This script opens another file. I want it to also open a specific layout in that new file. However the "Go to Layout" command only lists the Layouts from the file you are coming from, now the layout you are going to. How does one fix this?
  7. Anyone at all? I could really use some help with this What I have now done is: Made a calculation field that does =If(Child_Active="Yes",1,0) Then I made a summary field corresponding with the above field that does a count. But it seems to just be totaling the number of fields, not how many say Yes
  8. First I would like to point out that I am new to Filemaker, and pretty new to Databases period, so take it easy on me. But I have a client that uses Filemaker and wants Database changes, so I have to figure it out. What I need to do is have a record that has several totals. These totals need to read fields to see if they say things like "Yes" or "No", and I need the totals of Yes and No. There are also fields that are dropdowns with 4 or so choices, and I need total counts of each choice for all records. So my question is, how do I do this? I tried Count( Child_Active ) = "No" but th
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