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  1. Yes.... tested and working... Thank you very much! I appreciate the education!
  2. Ahhhh... I see... That makes sense. I'll give it a try.
  3. I have an app that accepts xml data for import. This is a typical line in the xsl style sheet for the export: What would the xsl line look like for this: UPS Ground In other words, I need Filemaker data in place of the "12.00" and "$2.00" in the above xsl line. I can't get the syntax right.
  4. OK.. here's an image on the same host that displays in the web viewer (though a poor image!) notice it's a gif and not a jpg (jpegs with exact same path do not display)
  5. Now that you mention it.. I do now remember having one or two entries in db where the images display. (This is a 3rd service that provides ecommerce products. The images are in their product catalog.) I have hundreds of entries in my db and I only remember one or two showing. I'll have to go dig them out and look at the path. If any show up that would indicate that the server is setup OK. But it is odd because the viewer doesn't display any error (not found). It just doesn't show the pic.
  6. OK.. and good information.. I agree. I would have imaged that a "web viewer" would in fact "show the web site" (or pic url) but when I found the downloaded images I thought perhaps different. Since the images are being downloaded anyway (cached) I'll just upload all of them to my own host and reference them there.... (by the way, each time you go to the same record the pic is downloaded each time with a numbered extension (-1, -2, etc) . It took me a while to figure out what the hundreds of images were in my downloads folder and what was "generating" them) I'll also speak with
  7. Ok.. let's step back... Basic question... Does the web viewer actually view the "web" or in all cases does it download the html (or file) to show from the local machine (with default browser I presume)? In this case the images are being downloaded to my browser's download directory so the host is allowing downloads.
  8. Attached is a two record db that illustrates the problem. The only difference is the base url path. This url shows fine in web viewer: http://www.thinkbible.org/zebay/LadybugYardsheet.jpg This url does not show in web viewer: So the only difference is that one path is a subdomain. (The exact same image is found at both paths.) As said. a two record db showing this is attaced. ViewIssue.fp7.zip
  9. Here's the url: I have the url in a text field which you can right click and "open url" just fine. I can copy and paste it into a container and the image will show fine. When using the web viewer it downloads the image to the browser "downloads" folder but it does not display. I can get images on my own hosted site to work fine in the viewer as well as regular web pages.
  10. I have several known good url's to a jpg image that won't show in the web viewer. I suspect that it is because they are in a subdomain. Can anyone confirm this offer suggestions. I have confimed that the web viewer path is correct. There is no error msg. but no image either.
  11. Thanks... Supply a login to not have to login.. and I though mac software was intuitive... Now I understand (I'm new to vers 9... jumped from a really old one). Thank you for the reply and answer!
  12. Somehow I accidentally turned on "Log in using" Account and Password. Boy was I surprised when FM asked for Account and password at next launch. By duplicating my mistake on a scratch file I was able to figure out that the Account had defaulted to "Admin" with no password and I was able to log in. I have now UNCHECKED the "Log in use" option on the File Options panel but at launch FM still requires the login. How do I "remove" the login requirement?
  13. Thank you, I'll give it a try. I find that I need to start thinking less in Filemaker 5 mode and more in "mySQL" mode to understand FM9. Wouldn't you say? I appreciate the little tutorial. Thanks.
  14. And how would one do that? Sorry, I've read help, FAQ, etc but I'm just not up with all the terminology used in the docs yet. I don't even know what to search for in "help". :P
  15. Thanks for the step by step. I was close. All I missed was the "import" (thought copy and paste would take the data with it)
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