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  1. I'm completely baffled with this time format problem. What I need is a time field, 24 hr, hhmm, in which I can enter four consecutive numbers and have the format show as HH:MM. For example, if I enter 0900, it will show as 9:00. I used a calc in FM9 that worked great, but in FM10 I get a different result. 0900 gives me 90:00? I have looked and looked for some interference with the calc and I'm stumped. The field is set to AutoEnter a calculated value, validated with a timestamp to only allow five minutes to change the input. Here is the calc: Let(tt = GetAsText(Self);
  2. Comment, you're exactly right. I wasn't being critical, I've received some absolutely fantastic help here in this forum and I'm very grateful. I just figured my idea was too far out on a limb to warrant much of a response. Søren, thanks again for an interesting idea. I'll try to work my way through it. John
  3. I'm searching for a web hosting service that supports FMPro. I have a simple file (<300K), with a very low (<30) number of users that require very brief access, but need to edit the records. So I could certainly host the file using just the FMPro application on my home computer, but...... My current website host only supports MySQL, and my current ISP only offers dynamic IPs to personal accounts. The ISP suggests that I purchase (of course) a business account that would provide a static IP address. But that would require another computer to remain dedicated to that IP address.
  4. For all those who viewed this post, here is an update and solution to the problem. What I had wanted to do is apparently not possible, as none of the gurus that inhabit the forum responded. So the safe assumption is that the question was too far off base, and there should be other, easier, solutions. And that actually was the case, Søren Dyhr made the astute suggestion that I really just needed 'previous' and 'next' buttons to change the date field to the adjacent months. He suggested using a Set Field caculation that works perfectly, at least in my particular file. Next: SetField
  5. Hi FM forum, Looking for some advice on formatting a dropdown calendar. I've enclosed a screen shot of the page, and what I'd like is to have the dropdown list just be the month/year names. It then would show up in the global date field, formatted to just show the month/year. Is this possible? It works if I put the mon/day/year format in the list, but how about just the names? Thanks in advance, John
  6. You're right, the double names only happened when logged in as admin. John
  7. Søren, Point well taken. If I create a table for each provider, sort of a contact list, how do I structure the relationship table. I will send you a copy of the file by private email. John
  8. Now to get back to a couple simple questions I had earlier. Question: In the gEmployee field , if I enter the field with the cursor and then use the drop down list, I get two names in the list. How can I avoid that? It places the name I selected together with the name already in the field. Question: Once I get all providers user accounts set up, I need to find a way to prevent changes to the file, even by the user, after they have entered times and logged out. In other words, they cannot edit times once they have been committed and saved. Thanks so much, John
  9. Søren, I'm kidding, I know you read what I write and I'm very grateful. That sounds way too complicated to create for just a single field. Perhaps I could have in the entry form a field for physician, another for midlevel. And if the two fields were mutually exclusive, then I should be able to sort based on that designation, and the provider would only have to populate that field when a new month is created. What do think? John
  10. One more little thing. In my previous file, I had a job type designation, physician or midlevel, with a unique assignment to each provider. I would like that designation, once assigned, to always accompany that provider for each record without having to be re-entered. Would this be another global field? John It looks like I'm talking to myself online.
  11. Søren, Never mind, I found the problem. I had the last relationship with the gBaseDate instead of the ShownDate. It looks fine now. Now to try to get this into the browser. I'm very grateful for your help. I think I'm once again close to a useable solution. John
  12. Søren, I'll work on the web view a little later. Somehow I missed how we had the portal show the correct number of days for the month. For example, Sept with 30 day, Oct with 31, etc. I've looked at all the calcs but something is awry. John
  13. Søren, Thanks again. Excellent help. I'll get to work on it now. I had already done everything you mention, with exception of the placeholder records. I figured it had something to do with records, as the RecordID in your original file was at #34. But I couldn't find any specific records, and when I recreated the file, I did not make any new records. I understand now why 'comment' called your Pling table Slots. Question: Once those records have been created and the file populated with my providers records, can I delete the placeholder files without messing things up again? Qu
  14. Søren, Maybe to make it a little easier for you to see what I've done, here is the file newly redone in a simple fashion. I'm surely doing something wrong with the portal. It looks fine in layout view, exactly like the file you made, but in form view nothing is visible. I'm completely baffled, and I've spent way too many hours trying to solve the mystery. Thanks for your help. John TimShtsReDoAgain.fp7.zip
  15. Hi Søren, I already had that setting checked. That way it read fine on my computer, but when I turned on Instant Web Publishing and opened the file in a browser, all the dates and days of the week were in Danish no matter what setting I used in FM itself. I'm not sure of the technicalities of the IWP process, but File Options settings did not transfer over. Anyway, I remade the file, but the fields in the portal in the entry form layout won't appear, so I obviously missed something. I attached the redone file to my previous post, it looks like all the settings and functions are exactly
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