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  1. Recently upgraded from 12 to 16 but noticed file is still saving as 12. Also noticed problem with displaying and counting records. Now believe that I could not go from 12 to 16 but should have done something else, e.g. go to 14/15 first. Can someone tell me what I should now do to put this right please? Thanks
  2. Order is created first but payment may not appear in Statements for a few weeks.
  3. How can I have two related Tables (Statements and Orders) so that a payment and a refund (two different records) in Statements will populate just the one record in Orders? The Tables are related by the number generated automatically in Orders. The number is entered manually in the relevant Statement record. The idea being that when the payment and, if applicable, refund appear in the Statement, they are numbered and will show in the Order record in order to validate the item and complete the Order. I can make it work with a payment or refund but not both. Can I do this?
  4. Thanks very much to both. I have managed to set it up so that it applies automatically to any year. Just what I wanted. Thanks again. Keith
  5. Fields: Date, Tax Year Please note dates are d/m/y as I am in UK. I want Tax Year entry to be automatic depending on Date, e.g. Tax Year '2009-2010' would apply to all records dated 6-4-2009 to 5-4-2010. When I tried a Calc it did not work. I then experimented with a script using single dates instead of a range and found that my Calc (Date < "5/4/2009") is merely operating on the first digit and therefore triggers dates starting with a digit below 5 and ignores month and year, e.g. ignores 6/4/2008, 7/6/2010 but triggers 13/4/2008 and 3/5/2010. I tried a simple find for t
  6. I have taken a look and it appears useful but it will have to wait until I get some time to get down to it. In the meantime, as I don't use the Summaries that often, I wondered whether there was a simple way of building a Summary into a script and I would then just press a button when I need the total for a particular column of figures. This would avoid the progress bar appearing every time I select different records. Thanks Keith
  7. Can you spoon feed me as I'm not clear what you are suggesting? It may help to know that records do not carry any balances. The bank balance script takes the capital inserted and adds/deducts the profit/loss from every record and displays it in a bank balance field on every record - this is done for convenience and is not stored with the record. The 4 summaries merely add the figures from the displayed set of records. Obviously I need to bring forward the bank balance but it would be great if I could also include the summaries for certain sets of records but this is probably too co
  8. Sorry. I don't know whether you use it in the states but it is common in UK financial terms. It is Brought Forward with its partner Carried Forward. The latter used for a balance on the full or completed page or whatever and the former is used on the new page. So a new Bank Statement would have a B/F figure from the previous Statement. Thanks Keith
  9. I have tried the print this record. It works fine and the script does remember it. I accept that closing off records is necessary but I didn't mention that there is also a running bank balance. Obviously this cannot be closed, so would a B/F field for the balance be the best solution if I archive a set of records? I am not sure how this balance would be picked up in the live set of records. For example, if I want to have a normal summary for a column of figures plus the B/F balance, can I do that? Your help is greatly appreciated. Keith
  10. I could not find the 'print current record only'. Out of interest, where is it? In any case, I used your Show All etc. and that is instant and I don't even have to see the Print Box. Thanks for that. I am now left with my second problem from the start of this topic, i.e. 2 Selecting various Sets of Records: I have various buttons with their scripts and the progress bar is taking longer to deal with the summaries. As this is likely to get worse, is there a way around it? I have thought that perhaps I have to archive completed records every month or so and set up Carried / Brought Forward
  11. Thanks for that. To clarify the print problem, the record does not contain any summaries or balances etc. It only contains profit/loss for that particular sheet. The summaries come into play on another layout. I believe that my only problem with the print script is establishing how I can build a find into the print script for the record number I am viewing, Thanks Keith
  12. I am only trying to print one record. So how do I create, within the print script, a find which finds the record number I have on the screen? Thanks Keith
  13. Yes, I understand but is there a way of building a find into the print script for the particular page? As already stated, if I find the page first and then execute print script there is no delay. Thanks Keith
  14. I made a mistake in my Printer problem description as it should have said that the Print Box comes up immediately as normal but then the print progress bar stays for quite a while before the printer starts. I assume the problem is that the print software has to find the page whereas, as already stated, if I find the page first, then it prints immediately. The print script is a simple one with just Print Set Up and Print. Could we deal with this problem first? Thanks Keith
  15. A file of Job Sheet records (currently 440) with several added each day. Active life of a Job Sheet is normally a day or two but the odd one could stretch into a few weeks. When a Job Sheet is completed, it is retained in the file for reference and, more importantly, for its Bank Balance and Profit/Loss figures which are included with various Summaries for all the Sheets. So, in conclusion, my file is similar to a Bank Statement where each entry is a Job and where there is a running balance, plus various other analysis summaries. I have two problems which relate to delays when taking vari
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