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  1. I followed the settings closely and this was working no problems but now on login we are getting the following errors The pop up from 360 works prompting a choice for updates from them or the server, then a pop up that says the plugin was downloaded but not installed due to out dated Plugins, then i check preferences and there is no Plugins. I dont remember any plugins database layout popping up like this during tests Has your server scripts been changed?
  2. This all depends on the version of IE from my experience and its a real pain. I would put on the layout works best not to use IE. You can experiment with if its IE 9 the compatibility mode. My last client decided just to put up a disclaimer on the site as many of the things we were doing just did not work and it was costing delays in deployment over less than 10% of their web traffic.
  3. The following script steps work fine locally but when I call this on the server with remote script it does not work any one have any ideas or does the plugin not work with server even when its in stalled and active on the server Set Variable [ $icon; Value:SCGetContainer(Documents::folderPath; 164 ; 106 ) ] Set Field [ Documents::thumbnail Copy; $icon ] Set Variable [ $Name; Value:GetValue ( SCGetInfo( Documents::SuperContainer complete URL ) ; 1 ) ] Set Field [ Documents::filename Copy; $Name ] Set Variable [ $Size; Value:GetValue ( SCGetInfo( Documents::SuperContainer complete URL
  4. I was wondering if anyone had given this a go I am trying to get the data from the file via running the script on the server. I have installed the plugin on the server and using remotescriptor plugin. does not seem to work with these. Am I barking up the wrong tree it would be very helpful if this could be done Just want to get a value and set it to a Variable then set that to a field on the server side.
  5. Try having a look in /Library/Applications Support rather than the local folder for filemaker. Just ran into this the other way around trying to delete the plugin to try something
  6. This is driving me crazy. xServe DP G5 5GB RAM Clean install of 10.4.11 Installed 9 v3 server advanced. All works at first All updates run until I reboot. I can not get past the checking for updates bar goes on and on just stuck no matter how long I wait. Solution: Ran Yasu all the scripts checked rebooted and voila it works till the next reboot then the issue returns. I Tried to just clear the caches that did not work. I reran all the scripts and its working again. This is really holding up weather we go with this as a service provider. once running t
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