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  1. Good Morning, When I enter an item # to do a look up for name, size and price of an item that is entered into a portal, if the item does not have a price because it varies from invoice to invoice, the manually entered amount on the invoice getis entered back to the look up file, so the next time that item # is entered, it brings up the previously entered amount. I want it to remain empty. What have I missed in setting this up so it won't do that? thanks LJ
  2. You said in one sentence what I said in 5 paragraphs! Sorry if I over explained. Yes, materials always taxable, labor only taxable on commerical renovation. Rates and locations vary. LJ One other thing I forgot to mention is there are times when everything is non taxable.
  3. hi, What is the best way to do a calculation to figure the sales tax based on 2 value lists, one for the type of project, residential or commerical and one if it is new construction or renovation. Maybe better explained, if the project is a residential, then only the materials are taxable and not the labor whether or not it is new construction or renovation. If the project is commerical and is a new project then it is taxed the same as a residential project, materials only. If it is a commerical project but is an existing building but there is renovation being done, then everythi
  4. Thanks for the reply. After so long of using the repeating field method.... I'll give it a shot in the A.M. thanks again lj
  5. Hi, I'm stumped. Hope this is the best place to post this. In the process of converting an invoice layout from repeating fields to using portals, I have been unable to calculate totals for different line item types, ie. plants, hargoods and labor as I was able to using the repeating field format. The following calculation gave me the info desired and I need to be able to duplicate these same total using portals. If(Left(code;1)="p";line price;0) gave me a plant total If(Left(code;1)="h";line price;0) gave me a hardgood total If(Left(code;1)="l";line price;0) gave me a l
  6. MY BAD, HIT POST BEFORE I REALIZED WHERE I WAS. Hello, My issue is that when opening FM via remote connection (or recent also), it is extremely slow to open and I get a message that the program is "not responding". After a minute or two, it will finally open. I do have a script set up to open several related files also. Any help or insight would be appreciated. thanks LJ
  7. thanks for your help. it finally started clicking this afternoon. i can see how much there is to do to get everything updated now! lj
  8. Okay, a few more questions. I assume that once this is completed, that the invoice file I am now using will be replaced with the new table and related items or will I still use it? When creating the same fields in the new table, i am assuming that you are referring to the fields that are in the existing table. Is this correct? Will all of the calculations, etc still function as they do now? I'm would guess that these are probably really basic questions but I do appreciate any inlightenment!! LJ
  9. Thanks for the help so far. I guess my learning curve is about to go north again. When we 1st started using FM it was version 2 i think on a Mac. The repeating field was recommended at that time. Worked for many years but as business has changed now we need use the info differently. Thanks for your responses. I'll get started and see how it goes. I'm sure there will be more ??'s later. LJ
  10. Well, here it goes. this is my 1st attempt in posting a question for help. I hope I am posting this in the right forum. What I am trying to do is to pull information from a found set of records and calculating the quantity from each repeating field so I know the quantity of individual items that are needed for future jobs. Example; there are 10 invoices each with some of the same items and also different items, I want to know the total quantities of each item in a seperate layout for all other 10 invoices. I have tried summary fields with no solution. I'm stuck. Any help woul
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