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  1. I am creating an invoice report with variable number of items. Problem is that I've inserted a footer which shows the total of all items in the invoice. If there are only a few items in the invoice report then there will be a lot of blank space, once printed out, between the body and footer of the report. Is there any way to fill the blank space with horizontal lines or just a border so that the footer of the invoice doesn't appear to be dangling. I've tried everything I can think of but since the invoice is viewed in list view there seems to be no way to draw lines that extend
  2. I'll be connecting to Singapore from Shenzhen, China. I'm not too sure about the quality of the internet service in China. But even broadband I need to know the min recommended upload speeds.
  3. I'm thinking of upgrading to FM pro and server v9.0 and accessing the database remotely from another country. What is a good minimum speed requirement for the internet connection for the client side to have? The blank FM database is around 30MB in size without data and there will be around 3-4 simultaneous users accessing it remotely.
  4. Ok will reset the admin password once I get access to the system. Any way to recover from the damaged file? I do regular backups but then most likely the backups are corrupted too.
  5. Anyone have any ideas or anyway to track the problem down? This strange problem is driving me up the wall.
  6. It just happened again today. But it not really an issue of incorrect case as I've checked the account and found the password cleared out. So could this be a sign of a damaged file?
  7. I have a very strange problem. Somehow I have users reporting that their password can't be used to access the filemaker database hosted on the server. Problem is only another admin and I have the rights to access the server and set or reset passwords for the database. But for the 2nd time in 3 weeks I have the user report that his password is unable to access the database and I need to go in to reset the password. Problem is neither of the admins have reset the password so we suspect that somehow something is reverting the password but we are unable to find out what. Anyone know of any wa
  8. The clients are using various flavours of Windows OS like 98 and 2000. I'm using a software to sync the time to an NTP server but still some of them fail and I get dates 2 months in advance.
  9. Because there is no way of ensuring that the client PC time and date is set correctly. And since it's at a remote location which I don't really have access too it's much more difficult to check on it.
  10. Currently one of my database system requires the capture of the current date and time. The main problem is that I need accurate dates and time. But the filemaker function to get the current date and time can only get it from the current host PC. There is already an issue where the host PC's date is wrong which results in all the data captured to be inaccurate. I've already installed a software to the PC to sync the date and time from an NTP server. However for some reason the software didn't sync the time. I was wondering if there is any way to implement a data/time verification
  11. It's hosted using FM server. But the script opens the database using FM 8 to update some data. So once the license conflict occurs the script will fail. And I've checked but no one else has FM with the same copy of the license as the server.
  12. Since the previous topics didn't quite answer my question I think I will post another topic about my issue. I have a FM8 script scheduled to run every night. Most of the time it runs okay. Even if I run it manually it will work fine. However sometimes when it runs it will halt and give a license conflict error message. But since the server has a legit license and no one else is around to use FM how is it that the error is occurring? I come back the next day and run the script manually and it works fine. The logs don't show anything untoward so how am I supposed to troubleshoot this p
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